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New electric cold water pressure washer Kärcher K 2, small and handy

Axial Pump
Hourly Flow Rate max
360 L/h
Max pressure
110 bar
Rotating nozzle
with additional lance
Weight for symbol
4.8 kg
Manufacturing Country
FREE ITEMS: protection and storage tarp cover
Free water supply connection kit
FREE ITEMS: protection and storage tarp cover
Free water supply connection kit
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ID: K501244

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New Kärcher K2 pressure washer

The K2 Premium Kärcher cold water pressure washer is the updated version of the classic K2.

Really practical thanks to the compact dimensions. It is ideal for transport it, thanks to its light weight, wheels and the handle or to be stored in narrow spaces.

Its compact dimensions don't compromise its performance: ideal for the outdoor furniture cleaning, working equipments, bicycles, courtyard and other employs.

Reliable products

Unlike many “disposable” products on market, by choosing a Kärcher product you will have:

  • Service Center on the territory
  • Spare parts availability
  • Long life product
  • Highly performing product


Free hydraulic connection kit and protection tarpaulin

To each his own!

Kärcher produces a wide range of pressure washers. Products are classified depending on the use they are designed for and their flow rate.

This model is of K2 range

This product is ideal for:

  • Gardening tools and machineries
  • Bicycles
  • Outdoor furniture

The Pump and the Motor

Pressure: 110 bar max

Flow rate: 6 lt/min (360 lt/h)

Pressure is very important for a pressure washer . Flow rate is even more important: very often, the low cost products have a big pressure but a low flow rate making these products inefficient. A minimum satisfactory flow rate must be at least 350 lt/h.

Pump is made of the innovative material N-Cor:

  • Rust-proof
  • Detergents resistant
  • Light
  • Silent
  • Innovative

N-Cor is an innovative poly-fiber material properly studied to remain rust free aftter a haìigh and constant water exposition.

This material is also lighter than steel.

Other features

Easy controls

“Total stop” system:

When released the water spraying button is off, machinery immediately switches off, switching on again when the user starts again the job. The advantages are:

  • Over heating prevention
  • Pump’s life lengthening
  • Consumption reducing

Gun’s housing

Lances compartment

Handle for transport

Long power cable with cable holder

Threaded connection for the lance hose

Useful wheels for transport

Assembly and equipment

Pressure washer arrives already assembled and ready for use in its original package. Only handles and wheels steel remain to be mounted.

On standard equipment:

  • High pressure gun
  • 4 mt high pressure hose
  • Dirt blaster
  • Garden hose adapter
  • High pressure spray lance

In addition, this version is sold with the Car Kit:

  • Snow foam nozzle
  • Washing brush
  • Specific detergent for car
Product Features
K 2
Function :
Cold water
Detergent distribution:
Low pressure
Integrated air compressor:
Kärcher product level:
After-sales service:
DTS - double pump and engine:
Manufacturing Country:
Motor data
Motor type:
Electric single-phase
Motor Speed (RPM):
2800 RPM
Max power absorption:
1.4 Kw
Cooling down:
Pump data
Pump brand:
Pump type:
3 axial cylinders
Axial Pump:
Pump speed number:
Pistons material:
Pump head material:
Aluminium head:
Plastic head:
Flow Rate:
5.5 L/min
Max flow Rate:
6 L/min
Hourly Flow Rate max:
360 L/h
Operating Pressure:
74 bar
Max pressure:
110 bar
Pressure Regulator:
Plug 'n' Clean detergent tank:
Detergent tank:
Detergent adjuster:
extractable handle:
External detergent suction hose:
Quick connection:
Hose holder:
Total Stop:
Easy Start:
Tools compartment:
Power cable holder:
Free gifts/extra features
Surface Cleaner:
Professional Gun:
Adjustable nozzle spray lance:
Lance with nozzle's quick fixing:
Professional lance:
Rotating nozzle:
with additional lance
Rotating nozzle:
Pressure hose:
4 m
Fixed water-brush:
Rotating water-brush:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Net weight:
4.8 Kg
Original packaging
Packaging dimensions cm (LxWxH):
28 x 24 x 78 cm
Gross weight (packaging incuded) :
7.55 Kg
Assembly time:

FOR FREE: Protective and Storage cover. Size: Small

Essential for protecting your machine when stored.

This cloth is quick and easy to apply; in a few seconds, your machine will be protected against dust and humidity.

It is equipped with an elastic band on the lower border to perfectly fit to the shape of the machine.

Easy to fold and store in its box and space-saving!

For Free

WATER SYSTEM LINKAGE KIT for pressure washer


  • Ø 15 mm yellow hose, 15 mt length
  • Male quick joint for the faucet joint (3/4" standard threading measure)
  • Standard quick female joint (to connect the hose to the quick male faucet's connection)
  • Female standard quick joint (for the male faucet joint). Acquastop system: if the pressure washer or another tool is disconnected the water flow imemdiately stops; when the pressure washer is connected again the water flows. This avoid you to close the faucet any time you need to change the accessory or any time you unfasten the female pressure washer's joint.

  • Plastic adjustable lance with male quick joint.

    It can be connected to the hose when the pressure washer is not used for a universal employ.

    Useful to wash a surface before the pressure washer's use..

Connections and hoses linkage diagram.

Free items

WATER SYSTEM CONNECTION KIT for pressure washers

The kit includes:

  • Ø 15 mm yellow hose, length: 15 m
  • Quick male connector for the faucet (3/4" standard thread)
  • Standard quick female connector (to connect the hose to the quick male faucet connector)
  • Standard quick female connector (for the male faucet connector). Featuring the Acquastop system: if the pressure washer or another tool gets disconnected the water flow stops immediately. Water starts flowing again when reconnecting the machine. This way, you won't have to walk up to the faucet and close it each time you need to switch between accessories or unfasten the female connector.
  • Adjustable plastic lance with quick male connector.

    This wand can be connected to the hose for universal applications when the pressure washer is not in use. Useful for watering operations. Adjustable water spray (direct or cone-shaped pattern).

    This option is also useful when rinsing a surface before applying soap and using the pressure washer.

Connector and hose diagram for this kit available on request.

Standard equipment

  • Rotating nozzle Lance: Dirt Blaster with powerful rotary nozzle (rotating pencil jet) ideal for cleaning any kind of surface.
  • High pressure gun with adjustable jet
  • 4 mt high pressure hose and 3/4"garden hose adapter
  • High pressure lance