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Manual-Operated Leaf Blowers - Garden Vacuums

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The leaf blowers and garden vacuums provided in this category are the ideal tools for effective vacuuming and blowing the huge quantity of leaves fallen during the autumnal period from yards, roads, gardens and narrow areas. Our catalogue offers a variety of different leaf blower vacuum types specifically designed to meet all the user's requirements and suitable to work on every type of surface. These petrol leaf blower vacuums and garden shredders represent the most widely chosen tools among the users because of their great versatility and high ease of use. The spark ignition engine ensures high performance in terms of power and running time, making these machines ideal for cleaning up roads and yards. The possibility to convert the leaf blower mode into garden shredder mode allows making the best use of the machine vacuum bag by shredding the leaves before directly put them into the collecting bags. Our offer also features a range of heavy-duty backpack leaf blowers, which are known to be the best choice for the most demanding works. They also stand out for some main features as the high air flow, a heavy-duty spark ignition engine, reduced weight, maximum air speed, which make them different from the less powerful hand held leaf blowers, which instead are perfectly suitable for less demanding works, such as getting rid of garden waste from smaller areas. They are renowned to be comfortable to use although they are not equipped with shoulder harness. The electric leaf blowers, feature similar characteristics, except for the electric power supply they are equipped with and the functionality to suck up and shred leaves and garden waste compared to all the other spark ignition fueled models. Moreover, the leaf blowers and garden vacuums with electric battery start are very handy tools, ideal for a hobby use on small areas. Indeed, they ensure good performance in terms of machine running time and power, together with great efficiency. They are fitted with shredding system to considerably reduce the leaves that have been sucked up.
All you need for Outdoor cleaning and maintenance . A range of over 111 Leaf Blowers - Garden Vacuums at the best price sale on the online market.
Our 2021 AgriEuro catalogue is constantly enriched and updated showing competitive prices from 61,48 € up to 1.761,77 €
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