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Leaf Blowers - Garden Vacuums Capacity 100 cm³

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Leaf Blowers and Garden Vacuums

Leaf Blowers and Vacuums

A wide range of leaf blowers for every need, by the best manufacturers on the market

The leaf blower is an undoubtedly useful tool when, during the change of season, fallen foliage is deposited in large quantities on courtyards, streets and laneways, forming a cover that needs to be removed. We offer several types of leaf blowers and vacuums, suitable for any type of requirement or area to be cleaned.

2/4-stroke engine leaf blowers and vacuums are the most popular tools, as they have great versatility of use. In fact, 2/4-stroke engine guarantees full power and great working autonomy, making them suitable for cleaning streets or courtyards. Products fitted with a shredder make the best use of the collection bag by shredding the leaves vacuumed in before depositing them inside the collector. For the heaviest and most demanding works, heavy-duty backpack leaf blowers are the most suitable solution. A high air flow rate, a powerful 2/4-stroke engine, low weight and an excellent maximum air speed are among the advantages offered by this category, which stands out from the much less powerful hand-held 2/4-stroke engine leaf blowers. The latter, in fact, are perfectly suited to smaller areas and are not back-mounted but still offer good working comfort.

Similar, but with an electric power supply, are the 230V electric leaf blowers and vacuums, which also feature the functions of vacuuming and shredding.

Great for their practicality and ideal for small working areas, battery-powered electric leaf blowers-vacuums are the ultimate solution for hobby users. They provide a good working autonomy, combined with a fair amount of power, but nevertheless great efficiency during working sessions. They are also equipped with a shredding system to optimise the volume of leaves vacuumed in.

All you need for Outdoor cleaning and maintenance . A range of over 124 Leaf Blowers - Garden Vacuums at the best price sale on the online market.
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