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Lavor Auckland 1310 - Heavy-duty Hot Water Pressure Washer - Max. pressure: 150 bar

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ID: K606982

EAN: 8013298029280

MPN: 36093-00003

Lavor Auckland 1310 - Heavy-duty Hot Water Pressure Washer - Max. pressure: 150 bar
Gral detergent bottleGral detergent bottle
For Free: Oil & Smog Clean detergent bottleFor Free: Oil & Smog Clean detergent bottle
Mold & Moss Clean detergent bottleMold & Moss Clean detergent bottle
Free water supply connection kitFree water supply connection kit
Protection and storage tarp coverProtection and storage tarp cover
Heavy-duty axial pump
Pump head material
Max. flow rate per hour
600 L/h
Max. pressure
150 bar
Engine speed
2800 RPM
Operating mode
Single-phase 230 V
Detergent tank
Heavy-duty spray gun
65 Kg
Manufacturing country
Product Features
auckland 1310
Operating mode:
Single-phase 230 V
Operation mode:
Hot water
Max. outlet temperature:
90 °
Detergent tank:
Detergent delivery:
Diesel tank:
15 L
Separated boiler ventilation unit:
Manufacturing country:
Motor data
Motor type:
Electric single-phase
Motor speed:
2800 RPM
Max. power absorption:
3 Kw
Power supply:
220 V electric
Manufacturing country:
Pump data
Pump brand:
Pump type:
3 axial cylinders
Heavy-duty axial pump:
Pistons material:
Ceramic-coated steel
Pump head material:
Brass pump head:
Engine speed:
2800 RPM
Flow rate:
1 lt/min
Max flow rate per minute:
10 L/min
Max. flow rate per hour:
600 L/h
Operating pressure:
130 bar
Max. pressure:
150 bar
Safety valve:
Manufacturing country:
Detergent tank:
Detergent tank:
Type of attachment:
M22 - Screw
Total Stop:
Stainless steel discharge pipe:
Easy Start:
Tool holder:
Free gifts/extra features
Wooden pallet (safe shipping):
Spray gun:
Heavy-duty spray gun:
Heavy-duty lance:
High-pressure hose for spray gun:
Heavy-duty spray gun:
Fuel filter:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
80x50x85 cm
Net weight:
65 Kg
On pallet
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
Gross weight (packaging included) :
71 Kg
Assembly time:
5 minutes
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Lavor Auckland 1310 Hot Water Pressure Washer

The Lavor Auckland 1310 hot water pressure washer is a professional machine, designed for professional users, who need to remove greasy dirt or oil residuals from engines and other equipment.

The Lavor Auckland 1310 hot water pressure washer is equipped with a 3000 W single-phase induction motor. Axial pump with ceramic-coated steel three-piston brass head and built-in by-pass valve with double seal. Stainless steel suction and delivery valves

It is equipped with vertical diesel-powered boiler with steel coil, which allows heating up water up to 90°C.

Suitable for different applications. It stands out to be the ideal unit for agricultural environments, for cleaning and maintaining machineries as well as its suitability on all those professional fields that require a deep cleaning. Easy to carry and transport thanks to the handle and the three wheels, which allow the Operator to move easily the pressure washer and use it wherever it is needed.

This machine is equipped with a BRUSHLESS motor, which makes it quiet and efficient at the same time.

This machine has a built-in detergent tank.

It is renowned not only for the extreme practicality and high performance, but this hot water pressure washer model is also lightweight, easy to handle and very comfortable to carry and transport. Thus, it also stands out for the refined design.

The controls are simple and intuitive: there is a knob to adjust the water temperature, as well as a pressure gauge to check the pressure.

Why choosing an hot water pressure washer? It is mostly required the use of a hot water pressure washer whenever there is the necessity to remove oily or particularly stubborn dirt in the shortest time. The hot water washing performing levels turn out to be considerably higher than the ones reached by cold water (up to 50% higher in some cases), because the heat favours the dirt dissolution.Thus, the heat on a surface results in a quick-drying. All things considered, the use of a hot water pressure washer allows: lower washing time (in case of same dirt type), improved non-water-soluble dirt removal, lower drying time and less amount of cleanser required. It means lower costs for cleaning.


  • Max. flow rate: 600 L/h The flow rate is the outstanding technical data of a pressure washer, even more than the operating pressure, as it identifies the real power of the unit.


  • Max 150 bar, among the highest levels of its category.
  • Maximum operating pressure of 130 bar.

Made in Italy

Main Features

Vertical boiler with steel high-thermal efficiency coil.

The BURNER ADJUSTMENT THERMOSTAT: regulates the temperature of the water outlet; working under pressure, this temperature increases slightly due to the load, generating a small reduction in flow rate.

Large boiler discharge chuteis made of stainless steel.

Axial pump: The pistons run by means of the rotation of an inclined plate (forward motion) and springs (return). The piston longitudinal axis (the pistons form a 120° angle with one another) is coaxial with the motor rotation axis. Simple pump design with just a few rotating components.

Low-pressure cleanser suction: The dispensing of the chemical product (it does not circulate through the pump unit, but it gets suctioned by means of a Venturi effect system) is obtained by reducing the cleaner operating pressure. You can then distribute the chemical product with a conical wide spray pattern on surfaces nearby the Operator.

Detergent can be suctioned from external tank

BRUSHLESS MOTOR: Single-phase electric motor 220 V from 3 kw

3.5 L detergent tank

15 L fuel tank

Pump Technical Specifications

D125 PT' 03 axial pump, brass head consisting of three high-resistance ceramic-coated steel pistons with integrated bypass valve.

Provided with suction and delivery valves in stainless steel.


  • Max. flow rate: 600 L/h The flow rate is the outstanding technical data of a pressure washer, even more than the operating pressure, as it identifies the real power of the unit.


  • 130 bar, among the highest pressure levels of its category.


  • Burner setting, optimized combustion.
  • Vertical boiler with steel high-thermal efficiency coil.

Additional Features

Easy and user-friendly controls which allow a rapid use of the unit.

Focus on the large and comfortable handle.

Focus on the accessory holder compartment.

Focus on the water inlet

Focus on the rear wheel.

Focus on the pivoting wheels

Focus on the iron bumper

SIZE: 80 x 50 x 85 cm


Free items & Standard equipment


WATER CONNECTION KIT for pressure washer

The kit includes:

  • Ø 15 mm yellow hose, 15 m long
  • Male quick connector for tap connection (size of the standard thread: 3/4“)
  • Standard female quick connector (to insert the hose into the male quick connector for tap connection)
  • Female quick connector with WATERSTOP (to be applied to the end of the hose for connection to the high-pressure cleaner). Waterstop system: when the pressure washer, or another device is disconnected, the water flow stops automatically; when the pressure washer is re-connected, the water starts to flow again. This allows to avoid using the tap every time you disconnect the female connector from the pressure washer and every time you change the accessories.

  • Adjustable plastic lance with male quick connector.

    It is possible to connect it to the hose to use it for any job when you are not using the pressure washer. Also suitable for irrigation. It is equipped with adjustable nozzle (direct or cone).

    Also useful to rinse a surface before spreading the detergent to subsequently wash it with a pressure washer.

Fittings and hose connection diagram of this accessory on request (water connection kit)

COMPLIMENTARY: large protection and storage cover

Essential for protecting your machine when stored.

This cloth is quick and easy to apply; in a few seconds, your machine will be protected against dust and humidity.

It is equipped with an elastic band on the lower edge to perfectly fit the machine.

It is easy to fold and store in its box without taking up space!

(The pictures are for illustrative purposes only)

FOR FREE: AgriEuro Detergents Kit for Outdoor Cleaning - 3 Bottles 1 L

This AgriEuro Outdoor Detergents set includes three different 1 L bottles with different features that are essential for the cleaning of outdoor areas.

The set includes:

  • Gral: Gentle, highly effective antistatic cleaner for removing streaks and greasy dirt deposits from various types of surfaces: glass, ceramics, metal, lacquered wood, leather, plastic, etc.
  • Oil & Smog Clean: This alkaline detergent was designed for degreasing equipment, machinery, concrete and tiles effectively.
  • Recommended for removing smog from the front of houses, outdoor staircases and sidewalks.
  • Mold & Moss Clean: This chlorine acid detergent was designed to clean and sanitise at the same time. This product is essential when it comes to removing mold and moss from dark areas and environments where humidity is high. Particularly suitable for removing bad odours. Its high sanitising efficiency eliminates bacteria which cause unpleasant odour through fermentation.


Free Items Included

The Lavor hot water pressure washer is shipped in its original packaging. It comes fully assembled. You will just need to assemble the lance.

The packaging also includes:

  • Professional hydrogun
  • Angled lance
  • High pressure hose 8m
  • Nozzle
  • Water inlet connector
  • Original packaging
  • hose for suctioning liquids from an external container
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