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Gas Hot Air Generators ► LPG Heater Cannons

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We offer a wide range of Gas Hot Air Generators, powered by LPG, equipped with piezoelectric or electric manual start. Gas-fuelled Hot Air Cannons are an economical and practical solution for heating environments that are difficult to heat with traditional systems, such as industrial environments and poorly ventilated warehouses. They are safe and easy to use: all you need to do is connect them to ordinary gas cylinders and they can be used immediately (all models are equipped with both connection pipes and safety valves). Many of the models included in our catalogue are provided with a stainless steel structure; this body is much more sturdy, guaranteeing a higher quality. In fact, the steel body is more resistant for use in open spaces, even in adverse weather conditions.
All you need for Transportation, construction works, repairs and DIY activities . A range of over Gas Hot Air Generators at the best price sale on the online market.
Our 2021 AgriEuro catalogue is constantly enriched and updated showing competitive prices from 0,00 € up to 0,00 €
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