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Petrol and Diesel Garden Tillers

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Petrol and Diesel Garden Tillers

Petrol and Diesel Garden Tiller

The best engine driven garden tillers, for every kind of need

Petrol and diesel garden tillers are the most suitable to perform more demanding milling operations.
The performance guaranteed by the engine power cannot be achieved with a battery-powered or electric tool.

Nowadays, the most popular garden tillers are the petrol-powered: equipped with 4-stroke engine, they can be suitable to work on more or less extensive and cleared soil depending on their features.
Different models feature different weight, these machines are therefore divided in light, medium or heavy series.

Diesel-powered garden tillers, instead, allow lower consumption and last longer over time. For this reason, those looking for a heavy-duty garden tiller generally opt for a similar product, even better if it comes as a heavy series product.

The power of a garden tiller with a 4-stroke engine is given by the combination of different factors, such as:

  • No. of Hp;
  • Engine cubic capacity (cc);
  • Transmission type:
  • Heaviness.

Higher power usually means higher comfort of use of the garden tiller, as well as higher performance.
Compared to electric or battery-powered models, it is evident that petrol-powered garden tillers require some maintenance due to the petrol engine.

Components of an Engine-powered Garden Tiller:

An engine-powered garden tiller consists of the following components:

  • HANDLEBAR: for driving.
  • ENGINE: that could be petrol/diesel or electric.
  • TRANSMISSION: which drives the milling cutter.
  • MILLING CUTTER: height adjustable, with the possibility to add or remove the blades.

Diesel or Petrol

The choice of power supply is an important aspect to consider depending on the performance required and type of operation to carry out.
Although diesel-powered machines are more expensive than petrol-powered ones, they have a longer-lasting engine that can withstand more demanding operations.

Advantages of a Diesel/Petrol Garden Tiller

A first advantage is the break of clods of earth, which allows getting rid of soil pests, and helps to improve the oxygenation of the soil and its softness.
Another is the ease with which it is possible to get rid of unnecessary weeds and roots, which take nutrients away from the soil itself. Furthermore, a garden tiller doesn't only pull out the weeds on the ground, but also the ones below the ground surface to prevent their quick regrow.

Why purchasing a Diesel/Petrol Garden Tiller?

Choosing to purchase a garden tiller means choosing a machine featuring great versatility, which can also be used as a 2-wheel tractor if necessary, while this last can’t be used as a garden tiller.
2-wheel tractors has limited dimensions and a less powerful and long-lasting engine. Being smaller, it is not suitable for moving clods of earth, which, as we have seen, is the key feature for an optimum tillage.

When should it be used?

The most suitable time for its use is autumn, during which time the soil can be given time to settle and obtain all the necessary nutrients for spring, which is in fact the recommended season for most plantations.
By decomposing, plants below ground contribute to the release of nitrogen, a very important element for plant nutrition.

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