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Electric Garden Tillers

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Electric Garden Tillers 230V

Electric Garden Tiller

A wide selection of electric garden tillers for your vegetable garden

Electric garden tillers are small but performing machines powered by a 230V motor which has to be connected to a power socket through an extension cord.

These machines are user-friendly, suitable for amateur use on small vegetable gardens and soft, already cleared soil. Electric garden tillers are suitable for those who need an affordable product without standard recoil start system and routine maintenance of engine-driven models.

Electric garden tillers with single-phase motor are light and functional tools, ideal for quick tillage on soft soils, and also easy to use thanks to their ergonomic handle.

Main features:

These machines are walk-behind tools, as they must be pushed by hand using the handles or “handle bars”.
Its heavy-duty structure includes the engine and a cutting unit with blades, generally 4 or 6, which are used to till the soil for sowing.
They are suitable for tilling not too hard and compact soil, given their lower power compared to petrol-engine models. However, the power cable also affects their convenience of use, as they require the presence of an electrical outlet nearby.
The milling cutter equipped with blades therefore, thanks to its “wheel”shape, facilitates movement when pushing the machine by hand, thus greatly reducing fatigue when working on small plots.

How to chose an Electric Garden Tiller?

Here are some of the main aspects to consider when purchasing an electric garden tiller:

  • WORKING WIDTH: The working width is the width between the first side cutter and the last.
    It is recommended to chose the size of the milling cutters depending on the size of the soil to till. A larger cutter will allow you to cover a larger area in a single pass, while a smaller one is more suitable for small, narrower grounds;
  • SOIL TYPE: In case of too hard soils, this kind of machine tends to “bump” and this mainly depends on the motor power: although the power is high, it can’t be compared to the power of a 2/4-stroke engine.
    A little trick to use electric garden tillers on particularly hard soils can be to firstly operate on the soil surface so as to break the surface clods before operating deeper.
  • THE SIZE OF THE SOIL: This feature is directly linked to the motor power. The higher the W of the motor, the more the machine can operate without having to stop frequently.
  • NO. OF MILLING CUTTERS: The no. of cutters on electric garden tillers may vary from 4 to 6, depending on the models.
    Their sturdiness and resistance are a key feature that will ensure they won’t damage during use.

Electric or Petrol Garden Tiller?

These power sources feature many more or less obvious differences.
The first is that of power, which is greater for petrol models, although the most modern electric models now ensure a fairly similar performance, being much more comfortable to use and also quieter and lighter.
Electric models also reduce pollution and save money on fuel.

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