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Battery-powered Garden Tillers

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Battery-powered Garden Tillers

Battery-powered Electric Garden Tiller

When is a battery-powered garden tiller useful?

Battery-powered garden tillers are the most compact and convenient tools on the market for soil tillage and milling.
These tools are of course designed for use on small areas such as flowerbeds and vegetable gardens, requiring soft, non-stony soil.

Thanks to the small size and extreme handling, battery-powered garden tillers allow you to easily work in conditions usually adverse to milling - such as the presence of bottlenecks, trees or flowerbeds.

Running time is limited due to the battery charge and the power is that of a machine intended for amateur use. These features make these products perfect for those who need a small tool for domestic needs.

The convenient lithium-ion battery can be recharged at any time, no memory effect (it does not tend to run out after many charge cycles), always ensuring great power.
It is also possible to purchase additional batteries for ensuring a long running time.

Models with or without power cable:

Nowadays it is possible to find many models of battery-powered garden tillers on the market, each one with different advantages and features.
One of the main aspects to consider when choosing a battery-powered model is the presence of a rechargeable battery or a power cable to be connected to nearest power socket.
What is the difference?
A garden tiller with rechargeable battery is, first of all, convenient, as it can be used without the bulk of a power cable.
It is also environmentally friendly and very quiet, as it doesn’t bother neighbours or nearby homes.
The only disadvantage of the rechargeable battery it the charging time, which is usually quite long.
Battery-powered models with power cable, however, ensure longer working sessions but needs to operate near a power outlet.

Main features:

The main features a battery-powered garden tiller must have to ensure optimum performances are:

  • LIGHTNESS AND MANOEUVRABILITY: These features together allow an easy and convenient use of the machine.
  • CUTTERS STRUCTURE: By now, most models allow adjusting the width and length of the cutters, so that they can also pass through narrow and hard-to-reach spaces;
  • SAFETY DURING USE: Another main aspect to consider. Typically, these models are equipped with a double safety button and a sheet steel guard, so as to be highly long-lasting over time.

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