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EuroMech TJ 45 EC - Backpack Brush Cutter - Kawasaki Engine

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ID: K606750

EAN: 8025518489583

MPN: 880530-EUROM

EuroMech TJ 45 EC - Backpack Brush Cutter - Kawasaki Engine
Widia & 3-tooth discWidia & 3-tooth disc
Double tap-and-go headDouble tap-and-go head
Multi-line headMulti-line head
Professional 56 metre hexagonal wire package.Professional 56 metre hexagonal wire package.
Oil and measuring cupOil and measuring cup
With backpack
Motor type
Motor brand
Motor Model
TJ 45 E
Cubic capacity
45.4 cm³
Nominal power
1.9 HP
Shaft diameter
26 mm
Product Features
TJ 45 EC
With backpack:
Operating mode:
Spark ignition
Manufacturing country:
Motor data
Motor brand:
Motor Model:
TJ 45 E
Motor type:
Cubic capacity:
45.4 cm³
No. of cylinders:
Nominal power:
1.9 HP
Petrol/oil mixture
Engine lubrication system:
Direct with petrol/oil mix
Decompression system:
Tank capacity:
0.9 L
Manufacturing country:
Transmission data
Transmission type:
Rigid + flexible shaft
Shaft diameter:
26 mm
Internal shaft:
straight + flexible
Shaft and bevel gear:
Brush cutter attachment:
standard equipment
Chain pruner attachment:
on request
Hedge trimmer attachment:
on request
Tiller attachment:
on request
Anti-vibrating system:
Primer pump :
Electronic ignition (with coil):
Recoil start system (with rope):
Heavy-duty backpack with shoulder straps:
Free gifts/extra features
Automatic line head (Tap&Go):
3-tooth steel blade:
4-tooh steel blade:
Tungsten blade (cemented carbide teeth):
Multi-line head:
Pro double shoulder harness with tight protection:
56 m hexagonal line (3 mm):
Safety face shield:
Safety goggles:
Ear muffs:
Safety apron :
Oil bottle:
Rider plate and blade assembly tools:
Plastic blade guard:
Fuel can:
Maintenance tool kit:
Tank for mixture preparation:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
230x40x70 cm
Net weight:
11 Kg
Original packaging
Assembly time:
5 minutes
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EuroMech TJ 45 EC Backpack Brush Cutter

The EuroMech TJ 45 EC backpack brush cutter with Kawasaki engine is a an extremely versatile tool that allows the operator to work for long periods of time without being affected by the weight of the machine. It is possible to operate on steep terrain while maintaining much higher movement freedom than with a normal brush cutter.

Powerful, efficient, reliable - these are the three words associated with the Kawasaki TJ 45 engine fitted to this brush cutter. 45.4 cc of cubic capacity producing 1.90 HP at a speed of 8500 rpm.

Why choose a brush cutter with Kawasaki engine? 2-stroke brush cutters are the most advanced machines on the market thanks to their absolute efficiency in every aspect:

  • High rpm
  • Highest power in its category
  • Renowned Kawasaki reliability
  • Extremely lightweight, only 11 kg
  • 30 % lower consumption
  • Quick and efficient start
  • Reduced starting compression thanks to the KAR system
  • Sensitive to pollutant emissions
  • Low noise level with the new SQS muffler
  • Extremely durable made in Italy transmission

Work and maintenance kit included in the price!

Kawasaki Engine

The Kawasaki TJ 45 EC is a 45.4 cc2-stroke, air-cooled and horizontal axis engine. This type of engine has the highest power/weight ratio compared with other models of the same category, which makes it particularly suitable for professional and intensive uses.

It is equipped with a single cylinder and it is able to develop a max. power of 1.90 CV at 7500 rpm, and a torque of 2.18 Nm at 5000 revolutions per minute.

It is equipped with a centrifugal clutch and diaphragm carburettor, which can be started very easily by means of the self-recovery recoil start, the cold-start primer pump and the choke lever.

Furthermore, it is equipped with a lightened piston, dynamically balanced flywheel and Kawasaki's patented layered exhaust system.

The engine is light-weight and is compact. Its dry weight is 3.9 kg, its dimensions are 19x26x26 cm³.

Equipped with 0.9 L fuel tank, the Kawasaki TJ 45 E engine runs on oil-fuel mix.

Detail of the spark plug housing.

Euromech transmission shaft, bevel gear and line head

The EuroMech transmission for backpack brush cutters consists of 2 parts:

1- aluminium tube with a diameter of 26 mm which contains an 8 mm inner shaft made of high-strength steel.

2- connection flexible metal hose between motor and rod with flexible, high-strength steel rope.

The materials employed in the construction of both the rod, shaft and the flexible metal hose are of the highest quality.

Focus on the quick release between hose and rod. It splits into 2 in a second for carrying it in the car, storing it in the garage etc...

The materials employed for both the shaft and inner shaft are of the highest quality.

The Euromech bevel gear is entirely made of light alloy. It features a good size and is both light-weight and massive.

The crown gear and pinion are made of high-strength steel of the highest quality, extremely suitable to withstand mechanical strain.

Focus on the large stone guard with additional protective band equipped with removable counter blade. It has to be assembled for operating with the line heads and disassembled for operating with the blades or other types of accessories.

Backpack and Controls

The brush cutter with Kawasaki TJ 45 EC engine is equipped with a super-comfort padded professional backpack with adjustable high backrest.

Main features of the backpack:

  • high back with padded cushions for great comfort
  • back protection
  • super-comfort braces of considerable width
  • padding with multiple adjustments
  • swivelling engine supporton 3 vibration dampers
  • Convenient storage bag

It is equipped with a single soft touch handle which is extremely comfortable and enjoyable.

Thanks to its wide inclination, the handle is extremely versatile and can also be adjusted as required.

This brush cutter is equipped with a super-comfortable high soft touch handle which reduces fatigue and allows you to use it at the right position and angle while keeping both arms extended and relaxed.

The handle’s soft touch name comes from the soft rubber coating.

Furthermore, it can be moved forward or backward along the drive shaft tube, by simply loosening the 4 screws of its anchoring bracket.

Free items & Standard equipment

1° GIFT: Professional Hexagonal Line

FREE ITEMS INCLUDED: Professional high-strength hexagonal line, 3 mm diameter, 56 m length


FREE ITEMS INCLUDED: Brush cutter disc also called WIDIA disc: 255 mm diameter, suitable for clearing work, cutting bushes, brambles, gorse, and many other tasks.

3° GIFT: Professional Brush Cutter Multi-line Head

FREE ITEMS INCLUDED: Professional aluminium multi-line head features a very quick and easy line assembly and replacement system.

4° GIFT: Professional Tap & Go Head

FREE ITEMS INCLUDED: Professional tap & go head with aluminium knob and quick line engagement system

5° GIFT: Graduated Dispensers 100 ml

FREE ITEMS INCLUDED: Graduated dispensers 100 ml

6° GIFT: Heavy Protective Apron

FREE ITEMS INCLUDED: Heavy protective apron, made of ultra-strong non-stick material that is easy to wash. Although heavy, the apron is not approved as accident-prevention.

7° GIFT: Professional Protective Mask

FREE ITEMS INCLUDED: Certified professional protective mask in wire mesh for working in complete safety.

8° GIFT: Safety Kit


Protective earmuffs to work with maximum comfort.
Ear protection must be the one recommended for all working conditions. In this case, the earmuffs provided are specifically designed to protect the operator against the noise coming from the machine.

Protective goggles that can be used as an alternative to the visor mask.
Protective mask goggles in polycarbonate with CE certificate,equipped with anti-fog and anti-scratch panoramic screen. The ventilation is ensured thanks to the holes made on the frame to avoid obfuscation and to improve comfort of use.

Agrieuro headscarf 100% cotton

Cotton gloves with rubber waves, for greater comfort and a secure and stable grip on the equipment

9° GIFT: 100 ml Oil Bottles

2 x 100 ml bottles for two-stroke brush cutters

GIFT: 3-tooth disc made hardened steel

GIFT: 255 mm 3-tooth disc made of highly-resistant hardened steel. It is generally used for mowing very tall, thick and dense grass and for all the operations that are too demanding to carry out with the line head. The 3-tooth blade is sharpened in the direction of rotation.

Free Items Included

The Euromech TJ 45 EC brush cutter is shipped in its original packaging together with the instructions manual and assembly tools and the accessory kit described below in detail.

Included in the packaging:

Three-tooth disc made of high-strength hardened steel with a diameter of 255 mm. Generally, it is employed in the mowing of very tall, coarse and dense grass but also for all those too heavy jobs that must be done with a wire. The 3 teeth are well sharpened following the sense of rotation.

Under cup, washer and nut suitable for mounting any type of disc or head available on the market you want to apply to this machine

The brush cutter is shipped already ASSEMBLED and ready for use (it is only necessary to tighten 4 screws on the stone guard)

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