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Self-priming electric garden pumps - electric pumps for irrigation - light and portable

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The garden pumps that you find here represent a complete range of the best electric pumps best suitable for the irrigation of your haouse garden.
Every model of self-priming pump enalbes to suction rain water from all sources like cisterns and barrells to water plants, vegetable gardens and flowers in full comfort and semplicity.

These pumps are suitable for clear water (like rain water), they are handy, reliable and versatile.

Please note: the rain water is the best water to water plants: with no antiseptic additives, no limestone and in symbiosis with the external temperature. Far better with respect to the acqueduct water. Moreover, this brings to a significant savings on domestic water costs.

The garden pump is an easy-to-use tool: to put it into operation there is a special overgrown screw, while for the residual water discharge there is a drain screw. These machines are light and portable, best suitable to the hobbyist passionate about gardening.

These electric irrigation pumps stand out for the high performances. The data to focus on are basically the FLOW RATE (that is to say the quantity of water pump succeeds to transfer), the HYDRAULIC HEAD (the distance along which the indicated volume of water can be carried by the pump), the SUCTION HEIGHT (the depth of the sources from which pump can suction water) and the ENGINE POWER.

Here you find a QUICK GUIDE to the purchase of electric garden pumps to detect in few steps the best model that suits your needs. Our models are electric single-phase pumps of the best models like EINHELL, KARCHER and LAVOR, really handy and easy to use.

We show you how to use at best the FILTERS here at the left for a quick product selection. On eash filter you can make also more selections.

The first two filter BRAND and PRICE are subjective, therefore we will focus on the following ones of more technical nature.


The first data to evaluate is the PRODUCT LEVEL: it considers the intensity of use of the machine, just select one suitable to your intended use; our models are products suitable to a mainly domestic use.


  • MAX. FLOW RATE: it is a very important filter, it shows the liters of water the pumps is able to transfer. This data stands also for the machine performance, its power and efficiency.
  • MAX. HYDRAULIC HEIGHT: these self-priming pumps feature very important hydraulic head data; this information is also linked to machine's flow rate. The hydraulic head refers to the distance up to where the flow rate of the electric pump is guaranteed.
  • MAX. SUCTION HEIGHT: the garden pumps can suction water from water sources at 7, 8 meters depth. This data highlights the versatility of these machines.
  • ABSORBED POWER: it refers to the engine power expressed in Watt. These machines are all fitted with electric single-phase engine.

All you need for Irrigation treatments . A range of over 22 Self-priming garden pumps at the best price sale on the online market.
Our 2020 AgriEuro catalogue is constantly enriched and updated showing competitive prices from 74,75 € up to 328,68 €
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