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Docma SF130 380 + PTO XX - Hybrid Log Splitter - Electric and Tractor - Vertical

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ID: 112527

EAN: 8068020722151

MPN: 940035

Docma SF130 380 + PTO XX - Hybrid Log Splitter - Electric and Tractor - Vertical
Max. trunk diameter
60 cm
Piston stroke
121 cm
Max. pressure
240 bar
Ground splitting system
Trunk lifting system
Double speed
Operating mode
Tractor-driven PTO
Three-phase 400V
Nominal power
5.5 HP
Nominal power (W)
4000 W
Nominal splitting force
17 t
Effective thrust power
13 t
Tractor three-point hitch
Manufacturing country
Product Features
SF130 380 + PTO XX
Double speed:
Operating mode:
Tractor-driven PTO
Nominal splitting force:
17 t
Effective thrust power :
13 t
Piston stroke:
121 cm
Adjustable piston stroke (for short logs):
Worktop log cutting:
Ground splitting system:
High position trunk length:
121 cm
Manufacturing country:
Motor data
Motor type:
Electric three-phase
Nominal power:
5.5 HP
Nominal power (W):
4000 W
Nominal power :
4000 W
Motor speed:
1440 RPM
Power supply:
Electric - tractor-driven PTO
Oil tank capacity:
21 L
Pump data
Pump type:
Max. pressure:
240 bar
Oil tank:
Hydraulic oil qty.:
21 Litres
Cutting data
Max. trunk length:
121 cm
Max. trunk diameter:
60 cm
Vertical log splitter safety lever:
Retaining side arms:
Retaining side supports:
Trunk lifting system:
Tractor three-point hitch:
Wheeled trolley for transport:
Rear wheels size:
Free gifts/extra features
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
Net weight:
300 Kg
On pallet
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
Gross weight (packaging included) :
320 Kg
Unloading with hydraulic tail lift:
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Docma SF130 380 + PTO XX - Hybrid Log Splitter - Tractor and Elettric - Vertical

The SF130 380 + PTO XX log splitter model stands out on the market thanks to its meticulous design, aimed at satisfying the demands of the most demanding users in the woodworking sector. This machine expresses a higher level of precision and strength, ensuring optimal performance in terms of efficiency and safety during splitting operations.

Main Technical Details of SF130 380 + PTO XX (Vertical Orientation):

  1. CYLINDER STROKE: The device boasts a cylinder stroke of 100 cm, making it possible to manipulate logs of various sizes. This eliminates the need for preliminary work on the workpieces, significantly simplifying the cracking process.

  2. Cutting height: Thanks to a cutting height of 121 cm, it is also able to process large logs, without the need for preliminary cutting interventions.

  3. Oil capacity: The machine has an oil tank with a generous capacity of 21 litres, thus allowing prolonged working sessions, minimising interruptions and guaranteeing a constant and fluid flow in splitting operations.

  4. Adjusting the Stroke of the Column:: This unique functionality allows operators to customize the machine according to the specific dimensions of the logs to be machined, thus ensuring a higher degree of precision in splitting operations.

  5. Thrust Force: Characterized by a thrust force of 13 tons, it stands out for its robustness and power, representing an essential tool for those looking for efficiency and reliability in wood treatment.

To further increase its value, the SF130 380 + PTO XX is equipped with a patented system that facilitates cylinder locking and unlocking, making operation quick and efficient.

Dual functionality: cardan drive with tractor

The log splitter in question has been designed to work in synergy with tractors, thanks to its ability to connect via a universal joint. This connection offers high operational efficiency, ensuring optimal power transmission from the tractor to the log splitter.

The robust design and precision chassis mechanics feature solid three-point hooks These couplings ensure a firm and secure connection to the tractor, minimising any unwanted play or movement during operation.

The hydraulic efficiency of the log splitter is guaranteed by a high-quality hydraulic pump. This pump draws oil from the integrated tank, located at the base of the machine structure, with a capacity of 21 litres.

This tank not only acts as a container for the oil, but is also an integral part of the machine body, optimizing the space and functionality of the entire unit.

The hydraulic cylinder, equipped with a powerful thrust, is activated by the pump, allowing an efficient and continuous splitting of the wood.

Finally, the multiplier plays a crucial role in power transmission. It works as a bridge between the tractor and the hydraulic pump, effectively transferring the drive torque. The universal joint acts as an intermediary in this process, ensuring that the power generated by the tractor is transferred without leakage to the hydraulic pump.

Dual functionality: electrically powered

The log splitter in question represents an advanced solution for woodworking, since it can also be used through a 400V power supply.

At the heart of this system is a 5.5 Hp three-phase engine with a rated power of 4000 W, thus ensuring considerable efficiency in the splitting process.

One of the fundamental components of this configuration is the high quality hydraulic pump. This pump operates at a maximum pressure of 240 bar, representing one of the key elements to ensure the efficiency of the log splitter.

Its main function is to supply the oil, taken directly from the tank, to the hydraulic cylinder, which plays the role of pusher for the wood.

A distinctive feature of this model is that the structure of the machine itself acts as a reservoir for hydraulic oil.

This integrated design contributes not only to greater efficiency, but also to greater practicality in terms of maintenance and use.

Thanks to the high-performance hydraulic pump, the user can expect a significant increase in log splitter productivity. This component allows you to cut execution times in half, making the entire cracking process much faster.

Wedge and piston

The powerful Docma SF130 380+ log splitter is a reliable companion for splitting logs of different sizes. With an exceptional nominal thrust of 13 tons, this log splitter is designed to tackle the most demanding jobs with ease and precision.

Technical features:

  • Thrust Force: With an Effective power of 13 tonnes, the Docma SF130 380+ PTO XX ensures that logs, regardless of their size, are split with extreme ease, reducing wear on both the machine and the operator.
  • Split Dimensions: This log splitter is able to work with logs up to 121 cm high and 60 cm in diameter, offering incredible flexibility in the choice of materials.
  • High resistance steel wedge: The main components, such as the split wedge, are forged from high-strength steel, ensuring not only extraordinary longevity but also consistent performance over the years.

Design and Functionality:

  • Intuitive control The control levers, designed with ergonomic criteria, offer the operator unparalleled ease of use, allowing precise control during splitting operations.
  • Ground Split: The split on the ground is one of the most traditional and effective methods for dividing wood, particularly when using a log splitter.
  • Limit switch control system: The fully adjustable limit switch control system allows detailed customisation, offering flexibility in splitting operations.
  • Lateral lifting system: The lateral lifting system for a log splitter is a very useful feature that allows the operator to handle heavy or bulky logs of wood with greater ease and safety. This system helps to position the boot directly in the split area, significantly reducing physical fatigue and minimising the risk of injury.

The Docma SF130 380+ PTO XX is a powerful and precise wood splitting solution. With its 13-ton thrust, ergonomic design and advanced safety features, this log splitter proves to be a reliable ally to tackle every woodworking challenge.

Main features

The SF130 380+ PTO XX log splitter has a number of technical and functional features of considerable importance, each of which has been designed to ensure maximum efficiency, safety and durability.

Integrated oil tank: The base of the log splitter houses an integrated oil tank. This arrangement allows for optimal weight distribution, ensuring stability during splitting operations and facilitating maintenance operations.

LATERAL SUPPORT A sturdy lateral support for holding the log is integrated directly into the log splitter structure.

Lifting system: The machine is equipped with an innovative lifting system for the logs, complemented by an effective locking mechanism. This system facilitates the handling of heavy logs and ensures that they remain securely in place during splitting.

INCORPORATED WHEELS The base of the log splitter has integrated wheels, a fundamental detail that facilitates the transport and handling of the machine, making operations easier, especially in confined spaces or rough grounds.

3-Point attachment system: The three-point attachment, specifically designed for connection to the tractor, This configuration ensures a robust and stable connection to the tractor.

Support Platform: The machine is equipped with a support platform, designed to ensure comfort and safety for the operator during splitting operations.

Multifunction levers: One of the key elements of the log splitter are the levers, which have the task of raising the piston. This lever has also been designed to handle the double speed of the machine, allowing the user greater control and versatility during use.

Free items & Standard equipment

Standard equipment

The log splitter is safely shipped in its original packaging and placed on pallet.

The maintenance and operating instructions manual is included in the packaging.

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