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Docma SF110 Rapid 220 XX - Electric Log Splitter - Vertical

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ID: 112523

EAN: 8068020722021

MPN: 930053

Docma SF110 Rapid 220 XX - Electric Log Splitter - Vertical
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Max. trunk diameter
50 cm
Log holder
Piston stroke
54.5 cm
Max. pressure
190 bar
Retractable piston for transport
Operating mode
Single-phase 230 V
Nominal power
3 HP
Nominal power (W)
2200 W
Nominal splitting force
12 t
Effective thrust power
8.15 t
Pump type
Double hydraulic
Manufacturing country
Product Features
SF110 Rapid 220 XX
Double speed:
Operating mode:
Single-phase 230 V
Nominal splitting force:
12 t
Effective thrust power :
8.15 t
Piston stroke:
54.5 cm
Adjustable piston stroke (for short logs):
Worktop log cutting:
Cutting plate positions:
Ground splitting system:
High position trunk length:
54.5 cm
Manufacturing country:
Motor data
Motor type:
Electric single-phase
Nominal power:
3 HP
Nominal power (W):
2200 W
Nominal power :
2200 W
Motor speed:
2760 RPM
Power supply:
220 V electric
Oil tank capacity:
13 L
Manufacturing country:
Pump data
Pump type:
Double hydraulic
Max. pressure:
190 bar
Oil tank:
Hydraulic oil qty.:
18 Litres
Cutting data
Max. trunk length:
54.5 cm
Max. trunk diameter:
50 cm
Vertical log splitter safety lever:
Trunk lifting system:
Retractable piston for transport:
Stump Support Shelf:
Log holder:
CE-compliant safety switch:
Wheeled trolley for transport:
Free gifts/extra features
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
Net weight:
213 Kg
On pallet
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
Gross weight (packaging included) :
220 Kg
Unloading with hydraulic tail lift:
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Docma SF110 Rapid 220 XX - Electric Log Splitter - Vertical

The SF110 Rapid 220 XX log splitter is a perfect solution for those who need an effective and safe method of splitting wood, whether for domestic or professional needs.

Whether you are a fireplace owner or need wood to heat your home, the SF110 Rapid 220 XX is designed to offer superior performance and reliability for every use.

SF110 Rapid 220 XX log-splitter: The SF110 Rapid 220 XX log splitter is a high-quality model, specifically designed for families with non-professional needs. Thanks to its power and precision, this log splitter allows you to easily meet the challenge of splitting the wood, guaranteeing an effective result without excessive effort.

SF110 Rapid 220 XX (Vertical) Main Features:

  • Cylinder stroke: The SF110 Rapid 220 XX, with 50 cm of stroke, the device can handle logs of various sizes with ease.
  • Cutting height: With a cutting height of 54.5 cm, this log splitter is designed to tackle even the tallest logs, reducing the need to cut wood into smaller pieces before splitting.
  • Quantity Oil: With a 13 litre capacity, it ensures smooth and uninterrupted action.
  • Adjustable Column Stroke: The adjustable column stroke gives you the flexibility to adapt the machine to your preferences and the size of the logs you are processing.
  • Weight: With a 213 kg weight, the SF110 Rapid 220 XX ensures the right combination of stability and handling, allowing for easy transport when necessary.
  • Splitting force: 8.15 tons

Electric motor

The SF110 Rapid 220 XX state-of-the-art electric log splitter, designed to high-end specifications, is ideal for facilitating wood splitting. Thanks to its sturdy 3 HP (2.2 kW) motor and a range of state-of-the-art features

Main Features: This device is designed to provide a smooth and productive user experience thanks to its key elements:

  • High-quality motor: Equipped with a 230 V and 3 HP (2.2 Kw) motor, this log splitter provides an exceptional power ensuring an effective and effortless split.

  • Design with Built-in Tank: The log splitter body also acts as a hydraulic oil container, optimising the structure and ensuring optimum oil management.

  • Double Pump for Elevated Performance: The double hydraulic pump provides a powerful thrust and an outstanding working speed, allowing even the toughest logs to be split quickly and easily.

  • Ergonomic and Functional Design: The special ergonomic and functional design of this log splitter ensures intuitive and comfortable operation, minimising fatigue during long splitting sessions.

Focus on the Double Hydraulic Pump: The distinctive feature of this log splitter is the double hydraulic pump, a key component that ensures superior performance. This innovative solution provides a constant and powerful thrust, as well as a working speed that increases overall productivity. The double hydraulic pump is a real powerhouse that allows you to split logs efficiently and quickly.

Wedge, dual control levers and cutting plate

The powerful Docma SF110 RAPID 220 XX log splitter is a reliable tool for splitting logs of different sizes. With an exceptional thrust of 8.15 tonnes, this log splitter is designed to tackle the toughest jobs with ease and precision.

Performance Features:

  • Powerful 8.15 tons Thrust: The Docma SF110 RAPID 220 XX provides a 8.15 tons thrust, ensuring the ability to split logs of various sizes without excessive effort.
  • Splitting Size: This log splitter is able to work with logs up to 54.5 cm in heigh and 50 cm in diameter, thus providing incredible flexibility during the material choice.
  • High Resistance Steel Wedge: The log splitter wedge has been made of high-resistant steel, guaranteeing exceptional durability and consistent performance overtime.

Design and Functionality:

  • Wide Worktop: The spacious worktop provides a comfortable area for efficiently arranging and positioning logs.
  • Easy and Ergonomic Control Panel: Bimanual hydraulic valve control levers allow the user to easily manage splitting operations, adapting to different work needs.
  • Safety System: The couple of operating levers is equipped with proper hand guards and all safety devices to protect the Operator maximum protection for use.
  • Integrated Support for the Log: The side log support, integrated in the handle arms, ensures that the material to be split remains stable during the operation.
  • Limit Switch Control System: The limit switch control system is adjustable, allowing the user to customise the settings according to their preferences and work requirements.

The Docma SF110 RAPID 220 XX is a powerful and precise solution for splitting wood. With its 8.15 tons of thrust, ergonomic design and advanced safety features, this log splitter proves to be a reliable ally for tackling any woodworking challenge.

Additional features

Here is the innovative log splitter that combines solidity and practicality in a single solution. The machine has been designed for durability and ease of use, offering reliable support for your wood splitting needs.

Sturdiness and Solidity: The frame of this log splitter has been built with high quality materials, making it extremely sturdy and super solid. This ensures that the machine can cope with even the most demanding jobs over the long term, guaranteeing consistent and reliable performance.

Practical and Convenient Design:

  • Equipped with integrated wheels, this log splitter allows easy movement, enabling you to position it optimally according to your needs.
  • Thanks to the optimal balance, you can move it yourself with ease by using the handle to tilt the log splitter.
  • The specific lifting attachment point increases convenience during transport or storage.
  • Innovative Patented Locking System: This log splitter is equipped with an innovative, patented locking system, designed to keep the log secure and safe while splitting. This state-of-the-art mechanism minimises the risk of accidents by operating in full compliance with EN609-1-2017 safety standards .

Stable Support Base: The design is enhanced by a solid base that ensures stability during the splitting operation, minimising the risk of unwanted movement.

High-Quality Components:

  • The hydraulic system of this log splitter is controlled by a hydraulic pump, which ensures a constant and controlled flow of oil for smooth and trouble-free splitting.
  • The special Cutmac series is a distinctive component that contributes to the high performance of this machine.
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Standard equipment

The log splitter is safely shipped in its original packaging on pallet.

The maintenance and operating instructions manual is included in the packaging.

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