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Ceccato Crust Breaker 15E - 15 spring elements + Star

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ID: 112829

EAN: 8053435098915

MPN: 19999

Ceccato Crust Breaker 15E - 15 spring elements + Star
560 Kg
Tractor power
45 to 50 HP
Working width
300 cm
Manufacturing country
Product Features
Tractor power:
45 to 50 HP
Manufacturing country:
Cutting data
Working width:
300 cm
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
Net weight:
560 Kg
On pallet
Gross weight (packaging included) :
580 Kg
Unloading with hydraulic tail lift:
10 - 12 days from purchase
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Ceccato Crust Breaker 15E - 15 spring elements + Star

The Ceccato Olindo crust breaker represents a significant innovation in the field of agriculture, thanks to its remarkable robustness and to the fact that it is entirely manufactured by Ceccato Olindo, using high-quality components of Italian origin.

This machine is designed to work effectively on various types of soil, improving oxygenation and promoting rapid growth of young seedlings under the surface crust.

In terms of dimensions, the Ceccato Olindo Crust Breaker stands out for its versatility: in the closed configuration, the machine measures 2.35 metres, while in the extended configuration, suitable for tilling, it reaches 3 metres.

The structure comprises 15 independent elements, each with a pressure spring, to ensure a balanced and uniform action during use.

Each element is equipped with two stars mounted on bearings, with each star having 15 interchangeable teeth.

The particular spoon-like shape of these tines is designed to penetrate the soil, breaking it up effectively without completely lifting the clod of earth, creating optimal splits for sprouting seedlings.

Despite its wide applicability, this machine is not recommended for beet cultivation.

The Ceccato Olindo crust breaker has a total weight of 560 kg, a detail that further underlines its solidity.

Preparing the soil for seeding

The Ceccato crust breaker is a remarkably robust machine, built with high quality components, which allows different types of soil to be treated, improving the conditions for plant growth.

The main advantage of the use of the crust breaker lies in its ability to oxygenate the soil.

This process is crucial for a healthy growth environment, as oxygen is essential for the survival and development of plant roots.

The 'crust-breaker' works by breaking the surface crust of the soil, which can form as a result of rain or irrigation.

This crust, if left untreated, can restrict the penetration of water and air, hindering the growth of roots and, consequently, plants.

By means of a targeted mechanical action, the crust breaker creates cracks in the soil without completely raising the clod of earth.

This method is gentle but effective, allowing the seedlings to emerge from the crust with ease.

In addition, soil fragmentation promotes better distribution of moisture and nutrients, key elements for optimal plant growth.

A significant aspect of the crust breaker is its adaptability to different types of soil and agricultural conditions.

Its design allows the depth and intensity of machining to be adjusted, making it a versatile tool for different agronomic needs.

In addition, the use of the crust breaker is particularly useful in soils that tend to become compacted or in those that require careful preparation for delicate crops.

A. When escape from the ground is prevented by the surface crust.

B. When the seedlings are still too small and lack the necessary strength, they suffocate due to the scab preventing their development.

C. To do a first weeding on small seedlings by also working on the rows (full-field).

D. On 'SOYA' it favours the activity of the azole-fixing bacteria (RIZOBI) that are determined in the production of this leguminous crop.

E. Work by leaving the ground flat. Very important on 'SOYA' because this also encourages the lower pods to tell.

F. Breaks to retain moisture from the deeper layers of the soil for longer and promote seedling growth.

Main features

Min. power required: 45 Hp

Impellers: 30

Working width: 235/300 cm

Road width: 245 cm

Second-class three-point hitch

Weight: 560 kg

The lifting pins on the upper third point are 25 mm while the two lower lifting points are 22/28 mm

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