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Ceccato BULL SPLE13R4 13 Tons Electric Vertical Log Splitter - 500 mm Piston Stroke

Max. trunk diameter
60 cm
Piston stroke
50 mm
Thrust horse power
13 t
Max pressure
230 bar
Come back piston (for transport and storage)
Double speed
Operating mode
Single-phase 230 V
Nominal power
3 HP
Rated output (W)
2200 w
Pump type
Double hydraulic
Manufacturing country
€ 2.418,50
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SPLE13R4 electric vertical log splitter

Ceccato Olindo Bull SPLE13R4 is a vertical log splitter with mobile pump intended for intensive uses and for the ones who want a high-quality and high-performing product.

It comes with a large wedge made of highly sturdy cast steel. It slides on a thick steel guide which prevents the cylinder from wear.

This Bull SPLE13R4 log splitter is powered by a 3 Hp single-phase electric motor.

With its 13 ton splitting force it can break knotty logs of different sizes up to max. 52 cm in height.

Furthermore, it is equipped with a two-stage pump on the electric motor, which guarantees a great splitting force and a high working speed.

It is provided with a safety arch and adjustable end-of-stroke automatic control system. The piston can be closed for storage allowing to reduce the log splitter size.

This heavy-duty log splitter can operate very quickly and it is equipped with special safety devices to protect the Operator while working.

Ceccato Bull log splitter is entirely made in Italy.

This machine is part of the Bull log splitter Series by Ceccato Olindo.

Highest safety ensured by the Ceccato Olindo log splitter

WEDGE: cutting wedge with 3° tilt towards the frame.

LOWER CONTROL ARM LEVERS: shortened levers on the log supporting arms. Thus, their positioning in compliance with the height measures stated in the Directive. The indicative shape has been specifically selected to prevent the possible fall of the log towards the Operator.

HYDRAULIC HOSES: we have increased the hose diameter for ensuring a lower oil temperature. Cable protection and shielding with Ceccato Olindo screen-printed canvas sheathing with steel studs. In case of damage or burst of the hose, this holds the oil and vaporises it without any risk of injury.

SUPPORT PLATFORM HEIGHT: the height of the support platform from the ground has been increased by changing the platform and assembling four wheels with a larger diameter, making it easier to move and sturdier.

Each machine model features all the specifications required in accordance with the Directive. Thus, all the use and maintenance instructions are properly upgraded.

The Ceccato log splitter is in compliance with the DIN EN 609-1: 2017 Directive.

Electric motor

This log splitter can be directly connected to the standard domestic wall socket and it is powered by the 230V 3Hp single-phase motor featuring 2.2 Kw of power.

The log splitter operates by using the high-performance double hydraulic pump operation, which achieves 230 bar working pressure and can pump 19 L/min, supplying oil, drawn from the tank, to the hydraulic cylinder which acts as a pusher.

The frame of the machine structure itself acts as the hydraulic oil tank.

The advantage of the two-stage pump is that it allows the piston to double, or more, its speed, compared to normal single phase 3 Hp log splitters equipped with a single pump.

Furthermore, the two-stage pump allows you to halve the operating time and increases the productivity of the log splitter.

Two-stage pump fully made in Italy.

Wedge and piston

With its 13 ton splitting force it can break knotty logs of different sizes up to max. 52 cm in height.

This is possible thanks to the very sturdy and large piston, which features a 80 mm outer diameter and a 40 mm internal diameter.

The piston slides on a steel guide in order to preserve the cylinder even under extra load. Moreover, it comes with a high-density ABS piston side guides with bronze plate.

Highly wear-resistant guides. Their bronze sliding plate prevents the steel log support from wear.

The cutting wedge is made of highly sturdy melted pressed steel.

Adjustable piston stroke: you can adjust the piston stroke by mounting the cylinder provided.

You can disassemble and close the piston to limit the log splitter size for easy storage.

Controls and operating speed adjustment

The log splitter is equipped with a built-in variable speed cylinder drive circuit.

The control levers for operating the machine must necessarily be operated by the Operator using both hands, for avoiding any kind of injury.

When light pressure is applied, the log splitter makes the pushing cylinder move quickly until it comes into contact with the log.

By applying more pressure on the control handles, the piston considerably slows down its speed and increases the wedge splitting force of up to 13 tons.

Single or double speed can be selected by simply pressing down on the control handles with more or less pressure. Once the wedge will contact the log, the Operator will automatically know how much pressure to apply on the handles so that the wedge concentrates all the power of the log splitter for splitting the log.

Focus on the motor start control

Main features

This log splitter is made with thick enamelled steel sections that compose the highly sturdy boxed frame. Most log splitters on market mount an “H” shaped frame but this Ceccato log splitter mounts a boxed frame, which is reinforced with front plate where the wedge slides. This plate is made of high-strength tempered steel, which is harder than the steel used for the frame. This means that the frame and the support platform are very sturdy and strong.

This log splitter comes with wheels to make transport easier and it is perfectly balanced. Even just one Operator can transport the machine even if it weights around 200 Kg.

Focus on the 27 cm transport wheels.

Focus on the log lifting connection.

This machine complies with the security Directives in order to guarantee a completely safe operation.

Other features

Wedge lift locking device. Pressing this upper support automatically stops the piston from rising. This allows you to safely use the log splitter, avoiding the risk of injury to hands and wrists.

Focus on the heavy-duty hydraulic distributor.

Focus on the motor guard: stainless steel metal plate that prevents excessive dirt deposits into the motor

Focus on the hydraulic oil drain plug.

Focus on the hydraulic oil level.

Focus on the Ceccato Olindo oil filter: replaceable heavy-duty large cartridge oil filter.

Focus on the very thick support platform.

Adjustable piston stroke: you can adjust the piston stroke by means of the proper wrench. It is intended for short logs and for reducing the operating times.

Focus on the high-density ABS piston lateral guides featuring bronze plate.

Product Features
Typology :
Double speed:
Operating mode:
Single-phase 230 V
Thrust horse power:
13 t
Piston stroke:
50 mm
Reducible piston stroke (for short logs):
Worktop log cutting:
Platform positions:
Ground level cutting:
Manufacturing country:
Motor data
Motor brand:
Motor type:
Electric single-phase
Nominal power:
3 HP
Rated output (W):
2200 w
Motor Speed (RPM):
2850 RPM
Power supply:
220 V electric
Tank capacity:
18 L
Manufacturing country:
Pump data
Pump type:
Double hydraulic
Flow Rate:
4-19 L/min
Max pressure:
230 bar
Oil tank:
Outer hydraulic cylinder's diameter:
80 mm
Piston's diameter:
40 mm
Piston speed:
14 cm/s
Piston's speed (2):
5.5 cm/s
Come back speed:
9 cm/s
Manufacturing country:
Cutting data
Maximum trunk length:
50 cm
Max. trunk diameter:
60 cm
Boxed with front plate
Upper safety lever to protect hands when logs are boxed:
Side arms for cut logs containment:
Trunk containment brackets:
Log lifting system:
Come back piston (for transport and storage):
Log laying platform:
Three-point linkage to tractor:
Replaceable wedge guides:
Oil filter cartridge:
CE compliant safety switch:
Transport trolley:
Rear wheels size:
27 cm
Pressure gauge on pump:
Free gifts/extra features
Four way wedge:
Splitting wedge:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
78x62x215 cm
Net weight:
202 Kg
On pallet
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
80x80x200 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
210 Kg
Unloading with hydraulic tail lift:
Assembly time:
15 minutes

Standard equipment

The log splitter is safely shipped in its original packaging on pallet.

The maintenance and operating instructions manual is included in the packaging.