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BullMach Maia 115 S - Tractor-mounted flail mower with manual shift

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ID: 111438

EAN: 8053435094214

BullMach Maia 115 S  - Tractor-mounted flail mower with manual shift
Tractor power
From 25 to 30 HP
263 Kg
Cutting width
115 cm
Pantograph motion
Standard cutting tools
Hammer flails
Hammer flail weight
0.8 Kg
Cardan shaft
Double spiral rotor
Product Features
MAIA 115 S
Tractor power:
From 25 to 30 HP
Manual shift:
Manual shift:
Pantograph motion:
Double spiral rotor:
Reversible three-point-hitch:
Cardan shaft rotation:
Manufacturing country:
Cutting data
Cutting width:
115 cm
Wood diameter:
Up to 20 mm
No. of blades:
Standard cutting tools:
Hammer flails
Hammer flail weight:
0.8 Kg
Hammer flails:
Hammer width:
8.9 cm
Cutting width:
115 cm
Collection bag:
Single row
Side drive belts:
Hydraulic Piston for moving:
Rear support roller:
Free gifts/extra features
Wooden pallet (safe shipping):
Side skids:
Cardan included:
Cardan shaft:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
135x140x82 cm
Net weight:
263 Kg
On pallet
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
137x80x55 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
304 Kg
Unloading with hydraulic tail lift:
Assembly time:
15 minutes
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BullMach MAIA 115 S Flail Mower

The BullMach Tractor flail mower MAIA S Series features a medium elastic structure and it is normally intended for shredding light branch tendril, grass and shrubs.

Medium series flail mower, mainly suitable for hobby use.

This flail mower model is equipped with manual shifting, 3 drive belts and rear roller.


  • Real working width: 115 cm
  • Real required space: 135 cm
  • Weight: 263 kg
  • 3-point linkage
  • 3-belt drive transmission


  • Hammer flails
  • Rear supporting roller
  • Drive shaft

Note: the machinery is shipped ready to use and it does contain oil already. Ensure to check that all the bolts and nuts are properly tightened once assembled all the components.
Carefully read the instructions manual before use.

The machinery is intended for light cutting operations of grass or small twigs (of maximum 2 cm diameter) exclusively. It is recommended to fit the flail mower to low-powered tractors (as indicated in the technical data sheet) and on well-levelled ground without stones. In case of use on areas that are not perfectly levelled and wit presence of stones, accidental hits of stones or slopes with the cutting components of the equipment may damage the machine (as we’re dealing with a light-series machinery).

Hammer flail cutting system

No. of standard-supplied and assembled hammers 16

The flail mower hammers are mounted on a sturdy bolt made of hardened steel of 24 mm diameter (overall length: 100 mm).

Image of the cutting hammers that are already assembled on the rotating roller.

It is intended to finely shred grass and clippings, while rolling the grass cover and turf simultaneously. Thanks to the high number of rotor revolutions and the number of hammers (hammer flails), it allows reducing the wave impact of the grass cover and performing excellent shredding operations.

The rotating roller where are assembled the hammers features a diameter of 107 mm.

Figurative image of the double-spiral rotor.

Manual side shift and Tractor 3-point hitch

The flail mower is equipped with manual shift consisting of 3 modes, intended to enhance the harvesting operations in vineyards, orchards, hazelnut trees, as well as is specific areas where is still necessary to work beyond the track width of the tractor and / or in inclined positions for cleaning up ditches, embankments, roadsides, slopes and so on.

The three-point hitch is adjustable by means of a fixing bar consisting of no. 3 holes that allow setting the flail mower in 3 different configurations.

Focus on the positioning holes.

Universal standard PTO (1 3/8” Z6)

Universal-type hitches that can be fitted to all the tractors on the market.

Focus on the first-category sturdy three-point hitch.

The three-point linkage features a side opening from the centre of the equipment of 65 cm on both sides.

Right side maximum opening, left side maximum opening.

Supporting attachments - Rear roller and side skids

Standard-supplied rear height-adjustable supporting roller, which features a diameter of 102 mm.

Focus on the rear roller locking bearing.

Roller scraper provided on standard equipment.

Focus on the cutting roller fixing bearing.

Standard-supplied adjustable side supporting skids.

Focus on the supporting foot.

Heavy-duty Series of front protection slaps made of shaped steel.

Focus on the roller bar provided with holes for the height adjustment.

Focus on the 3 holes for the addition of an inter-row disc.

Free items & Standard equipment

Free items / Extra features

The flail mower is shipped on a pallet. You will just need to assemble the tractor three-point hitch and few additional parts.

Cardan shaft included in the package.

Cardan shaft category 05B.

Cardan shaft lenght 100 cm.

Instructions and Assembly Manual

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