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Wheeled Brush Cutters

Wheeled Strimmer

Wheeled brush cutter: what is its function?

Self-propelled wheeled brush cutters are specifically designed to cut very high weeds and uncultivated land, also on uneven ground. They perform a completely different function compared to classic lawn mowers, (with which absolutely must not be confused), which are instead intended for lawn-cutting in gardens and parks.

Wheeled brush cutters are great both for professionals and private users with a small piece of land to maintain.

A wheeled brush cutter is a hybrid product between a normal brush cutter and a lawn mower. This tool allows to have all the versatility of a brush cutter with an engine much more powerful than a shoulder brush cutter could support.

Depending on your needs you can choose a wheeled strimmer more or less powerful, a first distinction can concern self-propulsion

  • Self-propelled wheeled brush cutters
  • Hand-push wheeled brush cutters

The first ones are definitely more suitable for hard work, even on a slight slope. A wheeled brush cutter is the ideal tool for any user who wants to easily obtain a higher yield than that of a normal brush cutter. The result is very clean and smooth, the grass is in fact finely chopped.

Another fundamental aspect is the head of the strimmer-scythe mower:

  • Blade
  • Line Head

Brush cutters with blade are undoubtedly more professional products compared to those who have a line head. They allow to cut grass, brushwood and brambles in any condition, in the most inaccessible places (also on a slope), thanks to the wide cutting deck. Wheeled strimmers with blade can be used on weeds in orchards, olive groves, vineyards and in general for more professional jobs than strimmers with line head, suitable for amateur and domestic use.

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