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Multi-purpose strimmers and brush cutters

Garden multi tool strimmers - brush cutters by Kawasaki, Honda, Stiga, McCulloch etc at the best price on the market

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All of the products in this multi tool strimmer and brush cutter category can be used for multiple purposes as they are garden multi tools. They come with several standard accessories: strimmer-brush cutter attachment, pruner attachment, hedge trimmer accessory. The operator can use one machine for many different gardening tasks: cutting grass, pruning branches and twigs, trimming hedges. Versatility is the most outstanding feature of these tools. Our range mainly includes machines that have a small engine capacity, which are light yet powerful. This facilitates pruning and trimming operations (that require holding the machine upwards) and thus increases user comfort. We offer different brands: from powerful Honda and Kawasaki engine models to technological McCulloch or Oleo-Mac machines.
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