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Blue Bird COMBI 22-800 - Multifunctional battery-powered brush cutter - 21V 5Ah

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ID: K607512

EAN: 8025518483758

MPN: 887870

Blue Bird COMBI 22-800 - Multifunctional battery-powered brush cutter - 21V 5Ah
Automatic 'beat and go' headAutomatic 'beat and go' head
Cotton glovesCotton gloves
Noise-canceling earmuffsNoise-canceling earmuffs
Protective gogglesProtective goggles
AgriEuro BandanaAgriEuro Bandana
Single grip
Multi tool
Motor type
Battery type
21 V
5 Ah
Shaft diameter
24 mm
Two-piece shaft
Extension pole
75 cm
Cutting blade length
40 cm
Blade length
25 cm
Chain pitch
Adjustable hedge trimmer head
Shared battery
Multi-tool battery
Product Features
COMBI 22-800
Single grip
Multi tool:
Operating mode:
Items included:
Battery and battery charger included
Extension pole:
75 cm
Manufacturing country:
Motor data
Motor type:
Battery type:
Power supply:
21 V
5 Ah
Noise level:
95 dB(A)
Manufacturing country:
Transmission data
Transmission type:
Rigid shaft
Shaft diameter:
24 mm
Shaft and bevel gear:
Two-piece shaft:
Quick coupling:
Manufacturing country:
Cutting data
Cutting blade length:
40 cm
Blade length:
25 cm
Blade movement:
Counter-rotating dual blade
Blade type:
Chain pitch:
Bar effective length:
25 cm
Adjustable hedge trimmer head:
Adjustable head positions:
Brush cutter attachment:
standard equipment
Chain pruner attachment:
standard equipment
Hedge trimmer attachment:
standard equipment
Extension pole attachment:
standard equipment
Lithium battery:
Shared battery:
Multi-tool battery
Rubber-coated soft grip:
Free gifts/extra features
Automatic line head (Tap&Go):
3-tooth steel blade:
Standard shoulder strap:
Safety goggles:
Ear muffs:
Battery charger:
Bar/chain guard:
Hedge trimmer blade guard:
Maintenance tool kit:
Bar guard:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
155x29.5x34.5 cm
Net weight:
5.5 Kg
Original packaging
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
191x40x16.5 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
16.2 Kg
Assembly time:
5 minutes
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Estimated delivery: 27/05/2024 - 29/05/2024
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Multifunctional brush cutter COMBI 22-800

The Blue Bird COMBI 22-800 multifunction battery-powered brush cutter is a device that offers an ideal combination of solidity, robustness and performance similar to those of traditional petrol tools, together with the lightness, comfort and silence typical of battery-powered machines.

These are some of its main features:

  • Battery engine, A brushless engine powered by a 21V lithium-ion battery. This guarantees exceptional power and reliability during cutting operations, even in the presence of long or dense grass.

  • Replacing the electric wire: This brush cutter takes advantage of the practicality of lithium batteries to eliminate the need for electric wires. This means you can work more efficiently without having to handle annoying cables.

  • Versatility. Thanks to its multifunctional design and quick attachment, the COMBI 22-800 offers the flexibility to tackle a variety of tasks. You can quickly customize the tool to suit different needs, such as cutting near tree trunks, flowerbeds, bushes, and fences.

  • Silence and lightness: This battery powered brush cutter is remarkably quiet during use, minimizing the acoustic impact on the surrounding environment. In addition, its lightness makes it easy to handle, reducing fatigue while working.

  • Battery and battery charger included The DPAS2600 comes with a 5Ah battery and charger, ensuring you have everything you need to get started right away.

  • Quick-release coupling The quick-release coupling system allows you to quickly switch from one accessory to another, ensuring greater efficiency and ease of use.

Included in the packaging:

  • Engine unit
  • Line head
  • Hedge trimmer attachment
  • Pruner head
  • Extension

WARNING: The machine is specified by the manufacturer to operate at a maximum voltage of 21 volts, corresponding to the peak voltage of the built-in battery. The device is designed to operate with a nominal voltage of 18 volts, the same as indicated on the batteries.

The engine

This multifunctional brush cutter is powered by a Blue Bird 21V universal battery electric engine. Thanks to its lightness, the machine is more balanced and easy to handle than petrol-driven models. There are other advantages to choosing an electric engine:

  • Lack of unpleasant smells
  • No fuel needed
  • Silent
  • Fewer components subject to wear and failure
  • Zero smoke emission, zero impact on the environment and, above all, on the Operator’s health.
  • Lower consumption and reduced operational costs compared to petrol models.

The battery can be recharged with the battery charger by connecting it to the power outlet.

Transmission Shaft and Controls

The transmission shaft of the pruner features a diameter of 24 mm and is made of aluminium. This makes it very durable while maintaining a low weight

Rubber handle with safety button.

Ergonomic handle on the aluminium rod to improve grip.

LCD display with speed adjustment up to 3 levels.

Brush cutter head

The attachment can be mounted and removed from the machine very quickly thanks to the quick-release coupling.

The brush cutter head is equipped with a Tap'n Go line head, which allows the line to be extended by pressing the head against the ground while rotating.

The very large axle guard is equipped with a counter-blade for wire adjustment, and can also be configured to operate with steel blades with the simple release of two tabs


Brush cutter accessory

This hedge trimmer attachment, that can be attached to the Blue Bird brush cutter, is the ideal tool for pruning high and deep hedges.

It is equipped with a 40 cm blade.

It can be easily attached to the COMBI 22-800 brush cutter thanks to its quick-release coupling.

Not only that, but it is easy to use by any Operator and can be tilted into 12 positions, making it very versatile.

The hedge trimmer can be adjusted according to the operations to carry out.

Details of the blade

Pruner accessory

This pruner attachment compatible with the brush cutter is the ideal tool for pruning.

It features a 25 cm long bar.

Semi-transparent tank for quickly checking the lubricating oil level without removing the cap.

Easy to disassemble casing thanks to the knob

It can be easily attached to the brush cutter thanks to its quick-release coupling.

Focus on the bar

Chain characteristics:

48 links

Chain pitch: 1/ 4

Batteries and Power Supply

The machine is equipped with:

Number of batteries 1
Volts e Amperes single battery 21V - 5.0 Ah
The machine works with* 1 battery supplied
Volts 21V
Amperes 5.0 Ah
Total amperes available 5.0 Ah

* The batteries can be used:

  • In series
    • The voltages (V) are summed up
    • The capacity (Ah) IS NOT summed up
  • In parallel
    • The voltages (V) ARE NOT summed up
    • The capacity (Ah) is summed up
Free items & Standard equipment

1st FREE ITEM: Electric Chainsaw Kit

The electric saw set includes:

  • Chain sharpening set
  • 2x Biodegradable chain protective oil 1lt

2nd FREE ITEM: Protection Kit


Noise-canceling headphones for working in absolute comfort.
Hearing protection should be the correct one for any situation. In our case, these supplied headphones are specifically designed to cut down the noise of the brush cutter

Protective goggles that can be used as an alternative to the visor.
It is a CE-certified polycarbonate goggle equipped with a panoramic anti-fog and scratch-resistant screen.
Ventilation is provided through holes directly made on the structure of the goggle to prevent fogging and increase wearing comfort.

Agrieuro 100% cotton bandana

Cotton gloves with rubber waves, for greater comfort and a secure and stable grip on the equipment

Free Items Included

The pruner is shipped in its original packaging. Assembly takes very few minutes.

The packaging also includes:

  • 21 V 5Ah battery
  • 3-pin charger
  • 75 cm extension
  • 3-Blade disc
  • Shoulder Belt with quick release
  • Instructions manual
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