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Backpack sprayers for treatments with a maximum distance of 12 meters

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Mist Blower: 2-stroke or battery-powered?


Mist blower: which is the best?

We offer our customers a wide range of backpack battery-powered mist blowers, ideal for pest control and sanitation treatments. Although there is a wide variety of machines, they are all very compact and easy to use. Backpack mist blowers for agricultural use have a double advantage, since if specified you can detach the mist blower attachment to use the machine like a leaf blower. These machines are perfect for small-medium crops where it is not possible to use a normal tractor-mounted sprayer, generally used on vineyards, cherry and apple orchards and many more. Depending on the model, you can obtain a maximum flow rate of 17.4 cubic metres per minute.

Choosing the best backpack mist blower for your needs may seem complicated, given the wide range of products. That is why AgriEuro provides advanced filters to help you narrow down your choice to a few models that have all the main features you are looking for.
We offer a wide range of mist blowers for treatments at the best online price, undoubtedly the most varied offer in terms of brands and product types on sale online.


Mist blowers: what are the main types?

we can divide mist blowers in two main categories:

2-stroke mist blowers:

Highly effective, they can dispense large quantities of pesticides, insecticides, fungicides and sanitation detergents, featuring greater weight because of the engine. However, AgriEuro backpack mist blowers have ergonomic shoulder straps with padding to reduce the perceived weight and engine vibrations.

Battery-powered mist blowers:

ready to use, they can easily work without the size and noise of the engine, having however lower performance and technical features. Their great advantages are versatility and ease of use, especially for small crops where it is not possible to use standard tractor-mounted sprayers.

All you need for Spraying treatments and weeding . A range of over 20 Mist Blowers for Treatments at the best price sale on the online market.
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