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Archman Helium MT.2 - Professional Telescopic Pruning Shears - 170/270 cm pole - Ø 35 mm

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Archman Helium MT.2 - Professional Telescopic Pruning Shears - 170/270 cm pole - Ø 35 mm
+800 sold
Rope 2 cuts
Max. Branch Diameter
35 mm
Recommended for orchards
Telescopic pole
Tilting head
Manufacturing country
Pulley system
Product Features
Helium MT.2
Rope 2 cuts
Recommended for orchards:
Recommended for olive grove:
Extension rod - max. length :
270 cm
Manufacturing country:
Cutting data
Max. Branch Diameter:
35 mm
Blade type:
Counter-blade cutting
Pulley system :
Tilting head:
Extension pole:
Telescopic pole:
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Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
170 x 20 x 20 cm
Net weight:
1.27 Kg
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
170 x 30 x 30 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
2 Kg
Assembly time:
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Archman Lopping Shears on Pole

The HELIUM ARCHMAN lopping shears are ideal for pruning olive trees, all types of fruit trees and plants in general.

Equipped with a pulley and counter-pulley system, it allows you to cut branches up to 35 mm diameter with minimum effort and maximum precision.

The cutting head is the best on the market. It is in fact adjustable both on the right and on the left with an inclination of 110° on one side and 60° on the other and is made entirely of fibreglass.

The HELIUM also has a perfectly balanced second handle at the bottom, capable of balancing the weight of only 1270 gr.

The blades are plastic-coated, also useful as a protection once you finish working.

The short stroke of the handle to perform cuts and the telescopic handle makes the most difficult points easily accessible without using ladders.

Adjustable Cutting Head made of Carbon Fibre Nylon

The heavy-duty cutting head and is moulded in carbon fibre nylon. This feature makes it the best cutting head on the market for its strength and quality.

  • Non-stick fluoropolymer coating, hardened carbon steel HRC 52-54 COUNTERBLADE
  • HRC 54-56 hardened alloy carbon steel BLADE

The cutting head can be adjusted both to the right and to the left with an inclination of 110° on one side and 60° on the other.

The position of the handle is adjustable, depending on the grip of the operator, by simply loosening the fastening bolt.

The bolt is made of hardened steel with anti-loosening lock.

To adjust the inclination of the blade just loosen the bolt at the base, adjust the blade, making sure that all internal gears are well aligned (just make sure that the bolt is tightened regularly).

Telescopic Pole and Handle

The extension pole allows you to work up to a maximum height of 3.7 m.

This data is calculated also including the average height of the operator

The pole length is between 170 cm and 270 cm

The pole is also equipped with rope holder.
The telescopic HANDLE in anodised aluminium features a groove where the rope is placed and which makes it less likely to bend.

To adjust the pole at the desired height it is sufficient to loosen the lever on it.

The cut can be activated by means of a sliding handle along the pole.
Pull the blades with one hand to activate them.

The handle is also equipped with a safety lock, to lock the blades in the closed position with a simple gesture.

It is also possible to activate the blades from the handle at the bottom, designed to be perfectly balanced. Simply pull the lower rope.

The rope is made of DYNEEMA® covered in KEVLAR and POLYESTER, materials considered among the most resistant for this type of product.

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