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Ambrogio L60 Elite Robot Lawn Mower - robotic lawn mower without boundary wire - it does not need installation

Ambrogio L60 Elite Robot Lawn Mower - robotic lawn mower without boundary wire - it does not need installation
Selected gift Black & Decker
Surface recommended
200 m²
Maximum inclination
50 %
Managing using App
Bluetooth control
Motor type
25.9 V
5 Ah
Battery type
Robot mowing mode
No boundary
Manufacturing Country
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Free item: Black & Decker BESTA530-QS Edge Strimmer
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Ambrogio L60 ELITE Robotic Lawn Mower without perimeter wire

Easy to use without the need to install any perimeter wire, the Ambrogio L60 ELITE robotic lawn mower represents the ideal robotic cutting device for those who need to take care of small-sized outdoor areas. Equipped with a Lithium battery from 25.9 V 5 Ah, which ensures a minimum running time of 120 minutes with a charging time of 180 minutes. It is recommended for surfaces up to 200 s.q. m.

Thanks to its ease of use, the robotic cutting device can be immediately operated and moved on different areas of your garden. Indeed, the machine only recognizes and work on grassy surfaces. It autonomously changes the direction, working randomly without following specific guidelines.

In addition, the standard-supplied Bluetooth connection allows the Operator a remote connection through the application "Ambrogio Remote”, which cam be downloaded on your smartphone. The user can easily set up all the settings, program the cutting times, directly drive the robotic device and so on.

This robot lawn mower model, thanks to the traction on the 4 wheels, can manage inclined surfaces up to Max 50% slopes without loosing power or tip over. The robot lawn mower is provided with highly-resistant steel blade that ensures 25 cm cutting weight and 48 cm cutting heightYou can also change the cutting height to 42 mm by simply installing the specific blade spacer.

Its sensors allow recognizing when the robot meets slops that exceed its capacity and address it in a different direction in order to avoid tilting or malfunctions. It will move in the same direction even in the event that is meets a slope ( higher than 25% ). The possible presence of trees whose trunks stand out gradually from the ground or similar objects are considered as lawn inclination.

This model of robotic lawn mower features a number of sensors as:

  • Eco Mode Sensor: to recognize the areas that have been already moved;
  • ZGS Sensor: it allows detecting the presence of turf and recognizing possible chasms.
  • Anti-tilting sensor
  • Lifting sensor
  • Mechanical rear and front bumper


The high-quality materials and the sturdy and reliable structure of the Ambrogio Robot lawn mower certify this Made in Italy brand as one of the top manufacturer of its sector.

Ambrogio Remote app and programming

The interaction with your Ambrogio robotic lawn mower has never been so easy and fun.

Free to download it from Google Play Store and Apple Store. Thanks to the "Ambrogio Remote” App, it is possible to take advantage of a number of extra functions like:

  • Set the PIN code to use the robot in complete safety (only where required);
  • Start and stop the robot;
  • Operate the robot lawn mower with a delayed start;
  • Control the robotic lawn mower during the mowing operations;
  • Change the status of the sensors;
  • View the status, alarms, and any possible errors of the robot.

Operation and installation

The product is delivered ready to use and you can start it autonomously. Indeed, even the most expert user, who has never had experience with this kind of product, can start operating Ambrogio L60 Elite robot lawn mower without perimeter wire following the instructions explained in the user’s manual.

The Operator will just need to place the robotic cutting device on the lawn that needs to be mowed, ensuring that the lawn is delimited by paved surface and / or barriers such as fences, walls, and so on.

This robot lawn mower is ideal for every user.

From now on:

  • You will be fully aware of the product you've purchased, having a thorough knowledge of its specifications and features.
  • You will be able to use your robot lawn mower independently, without the need of constant support from a technician, and ask for assistance even in case of small issues.
  • You will save time and money compared to other robot lawn mowers.

Features and controls

Main technical features:

  • Cutting motor: Brushless
  • Traction Motor: Brushless
  • Battery voltage: 25.9V
  • Battery capacity: 5 Ah
  • Running time: 120 minutes
  • Charging Time: 180 minutes
  • Speed: 18 m/min
  • Noise level: 65 dB
  • Anti-theft system: Settable PIN
  • Weight: 8,3 Kg

The robot with active impact sensor requires a kerb of at least 5 cm and a step height of at least 5 cm. Curbs of less than 5 cm or steps with heights lower than 5 cm must be protected with further paving or alternatively protected by placing arches on the ground, as shown in the figure, in order to let the robot changing direction while hitting the obstacle.

If your garden features a perimeter wall that defines the working area, the latter must always be over 9 cm height. In case of lower height perimeter walls, you will have to protect the area with arches or adequate paved surface.

  • ZGS Sensor Patented (Zucchetti Grass Sensor):
    • Sensor that detects turfs: when the robot detects the perimeter wire or encounters an obstacle, it changes its route, and it starts mowing in the new direction.
    • Presence of chasm: (Stepstep detection ): it allows the mower to change direction in the event of sudden presence of unevenness as steps or swimming pools.
  • Eco Mode Sensor, which allows recognizing the area that has been already mowed: (Blade modulation) this function allows adjusting the blade cutting speed depending on the effort that is met during the mowing operations: this ensures reduced consumptions, noise. In contrast, it allows increasing the cutting surface and the running time.
  • Anti-tilting Sensor: it allows recognizing when the robot meets slops that exceed its capacity and address it in a different direction in order to avoid tilting or malfunctions;
  • Lifting Sensor: if the robotic device is lifted manually or whether both the wheels fall into dips on the ground, the robot turns off. It needs to be started again manually.

Easy and immediate battery charging thanks to the charging system that is hidden and protected by a IP21 panel, which is located in the upper section.

Focus on the control panel.

Mowing operations


  • Mulching: Blade for mulching cutting system. This system cuts the grass in small pieces without having to collect them in a grass collector. Grass decomposes naturally, water and nutritional substances returns to soil for a wonderful, healthy lawn! The mulching system allows distributing grass clippings evenly for a fertilized, healthy lawn.
  • Max. cutting area: 200 m²
  • Cutting width: 25 cm
  • Maximum incline: 50%

The Ambrogio L60 ELITE robot lawn mower without perimeter wire is designed for perfectly cutting grass of any type of lawn. Thus, it works randomly without the need to follow specific guidelines.

It performs perfect and exceptional cutting between 42 mm and 48 mm (the cutting height can be set thanks to the standard-supplied spacer blade). Four-tip blade ensures optimum results as it allows getting a regular and uniformal lawn shape.

High-adherence large wheels that are specifically designed not ruin or damage your lawn. The 4WD 4-wheel drive ensures high performance even on gardens with high slopes. Both these features make this robotic lawn mower a high-quality product.

Product Features
L60 Elite
Body material:
4x4 self-propelled
Mulching system:
Surface recommended:
200 m²
After-sales service:
Maximum inclination:
50 %
Rain sensor:
Managing using App:
Managed by Alexa:
Wi-Fi remote control:
Bluetooth control:
GSM module:
Manufacturing Country:
Motor data
Motor type:
Power supply:
Battery powered
Battery type:
25.9 V
5 Ah
Running time:
2 h
Recharge time:
3 h
Noise level:
65 dB(A)/7m
Motor/blade transmission:
Transmission data
Cutting data
Housing material:
Blade movement:
Cutting adjustment :
Maximum cutting height:
48 mm
Minimum cutting height:
42 mm
Nr. of Cutting positions:
Cutting width:
25 cm
Robot mowing mode:
No boundary
Lithium battery:
Wheels type:
Plastic wheels mounted on ball-bearings
Liquid crystals display:
Free gifts/extra features
Battery charger:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions cm (LxWxH):
44x36x20 cm
Net weight:
8.3 Kg
Original packaging
Packaging dimensions cm (LxWxH):
75x42x44 cm
Gross weight (packaging incuded) :
11.9 Kg
Assembly time:

Standard-supplied equipment

Additional items that are provided on standard equipment and included in the packaging along with the Instructions manual:

  • Power cable and transformer with the cable for the connection to the unit.
  • Cutting blade spacer