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WOLF Garten RR 400 T - Professional Pruning Shears on Telescopic Pole, 220/400cm Pole - Ø 32 mm

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WOLF Garten RR 400 T - Professional Pruning Shears on Telescopic Pole, 220/400cm Pole - Ø 32 mm
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Sharpener for scissorsSharpener for scissors
Rope 2 cuts
Max. Branch Diameter
32 mm
Recommended for orchards
Telescopic pole
Tilting head
Manufacturing country
Product Features
RR 400 T
Rope 2 cuts
Recommended for orchards:
Recommended for olive grove:
Extension rod - max. length :
400 cm
Manufacturing country:
Cutting data
Max. Branch Diameter:
32 mm
Blade type:
Counter-blade cutting
Tilting head:
Extension pole:
Telescopic pole:
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Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
11 x 220 x 6 cm
Net weight:
2 Kg
Spiral cardboard tube
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
9 x 220 x 9 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
3 Kg
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WOLF Garten RR 400 T Lopping Shears on Telescopic Pole

WOLF Garten lopping shears on telescopic pole are designed to prune even the highest branches. Even if your plants are thick and tangled, you can cut branches with a maximum diameter of 32 mm thanks to the 220 cm - 400 cm telescopic handle which allows you to prune up to 5.5 m.

The RR 400 T is a Wolf Garten telescopic lopper with internal transmission, featuring two cutting modes:

  • Speed Cut, for thin branches and fast cutting
  • Power Cut, for thicker branches

The highlight of this tool is the rope completely integrated in the structure. This ensures that it does not get caught in the branches. The cutting head is quickly adjustable at 225°, to perform even the most difficult cuts or to adapt to the direction of the branch.

The chain multiplier makes work less tiring and easier and it offers more power.

The sturdy and lightweight aluminium handle ensures stability thanks to its low weight, easy handling and precision.

The base of the shears is made of soft rubber-coated material to improve the working comfort.

The lopping shears come with a plastic blade guard. It can also be used to protect the blades once you finish working.

Blades and Tilting Cutting Head

The cutting angle can be adjusted from the ground (up to 225°) to cut branches with precision from any direction.

The special shape of the blades retains the cut material in a defined area and allows a particularly easy and clean cut.

The chain multiplier makes work less tiring and easier and it provides more power.

The lopper has a non-stick coating and precision sharpening for easier and less messy cutting of branches. The coating is also rustproof.

The maximum cutting diameter is 32 mm.

Non-stick coated blades significantly reduce the force required for cutting and are also easier to clean.

They also prevent the transmission of diseases from one plant to another.

Suitable for cuts up to 5.5 m.

Handle with Dual Cutting Mode

The extension pole allows you to work at a maximum height of 5.5 m.

This data is calculated also considering the average height of the operator

The pole is 220 cm closed and 400 cm open. It can be easily extended 32 cm at a time using the special button, this ensures maximum ease of adjustment according to your pruning needs.

Two cutting modes:

  • using a sliding handle on the pole; simply slide the handle to operate the blades.
  • Using the rear grip. Simply pull the rear handle with one hand to operate the blades.

This mode allows you to reach the maximum possible height.

It is also possible, by pressing the special yellow button on the handle, to activate the Power Cut mode for cutting thicker branches.

Free items & Standard equipment

Standard Equipment

The tool is shipped in a cardboard protection tube

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