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Small Portable Water Pumps

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The range of small petrol water pumps provided in this category is renowned because of its solidity and easy portability being known as handy products easy to move and transport. They are ideal for more demanding waste water tasks in areas considered difficult to reach by standard machines.

They are intended for different purposes like:
  • Pumping water for agricultural irrigation.
  • Draining water from pits and ponds (up to 6 mt of depth).
  • Draining water from pools and tanks (up to 6 mt of depth).
Whenever you are focusing on the purchase of a water pump, there are some features to take into account. These are the following:

  • Water pump head, from 21 mt up to 36 mt: (it represents the height the water can rise after arriving at the pump which means its surface elevation).
  • Flow rate, from 183 l/min up to 250 l/min (it represents the liters of water transferred by the pump per minute).
  • Suction max height of our models is up to 6 mt (it is the water pump maximum depth).
  • Pipe fittings, featuring Ø 25 mm up to 40 mm diameter.

All the small-sized water pumps provided in this category are powered by 4-stroke engines, which are known to be less noisy compared to all those 2-stroke engines. Moreover, we are focusing our attention on self-priming petrol water pumps which just require water refilling by means of their specific filler caps to allow the irrigation pump start working.
Our catalogue provides both GeoTech and CM water pumps.
All you need for Irrigation treatments . A range of over Small Portable Water Pumps at the best price sale on the online market.
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