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Petrol Water Pumps for Dirty Waters

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Petrol Water Pumps For Dirty Waters

Petrol Water Pumps For Dirty Waters

Petrol water pumps for dirty waters, suitable for the disposal of turbid liquids

In this category you can choose from an excellent range of water pumps for sewage or particularly dirty waters. These models are a good compromise between power and size, and are easy to transport. They also feature a sturdy wrap-around frame made of high strength tubular which protects them from unwanted shocks.

These machines handle liquids that may also contain solids, such as stones and sand, making them ideal for:

  • emptying muddy excavations on construction sites
  • cleaning muddy ponds (up to 8 meters deep)
  • emptying cesspools and the like (up to 8 meters deep)

Water pumps for dirty waters differ from classic petrol pumps for:

  • Increased pump unit size
  • Larger volume
  • Metal filter
  • Reinforced square tubular frames
The following factors should be taken into account when purchasing a water pump:

  • The head (i.e. the distance up to which the machine can pump the water) which varies from 20 to 28 metres.
  • The flow rate (i.e. the quantity of water in litres transported in one minute) that ranges from 401 to over 1000 l/min.
  • The maximum suction height (that is, the maximum depth the pump can reach) is 8 metres.
  • The quick-connect couplings with diameters varying from 50 to 65 mm.

It is possible to convert the water pump into a wheeled version thanks to a a wheel kit, which makes transporting and storing the water pump more comfortable.

The water pumps for dirty waters in the catalogue are equipped with 4-stroke engines, which are quieter than classic 2-strokes. Petrol water pumps for dirty waters are self-priming, i.e. they simply need a small amount of water to be refilled via a water cap to start working.

Our catalogue includes imported models with an excellent quality/price ratio, such as those by GeoTech, which features a very large pumping unit to handle debris up to ø 27 mm, and Japanese professional versions designed for clean and semi-dirty water, such as Koshin-branded machine models, which can handle debris up to ø 8 mm.
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