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Self-priming Petrol Water Pumps on Frame

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Medium-sized Water Pumps on Frame

Medium-Sized Water Pumps On Frame

Medium-sized petrol water pumps, for a wide range of uses

This section includes all the self-priming engine-driven water pumps with frame, which are among the most popular due to their excellent power-to-weight ratio. They are extremely convenient and functional for pumping water for agricultural irrigation, extracting water from wells and ponds up to 8 metres deep and for emptying tanks and cisterns.

The main factors to consider when purchasing a water pump are as follows:

  • The head (i.e. the distance up to which the machine can pump the water) which varies from 20 to 80 metres.
  • The flow rate (i.e. the quantity of water in litres transported in one minute) that ranges from 201 to over 1000 l/min.
  • The maximum suction height (that is, the maximum depth the pump can reach) on these models is 8 metres.
  • The quick-connect couplings with diameters ranging from Ø 40 mm to 65 mm.

It is possible to convert the water pump into a wheeled version thanks to a a wheel kit, which makes transporting and storing the water pump more comfortable. All the small petrol water pumps in the catalogue are equipped with 4-stroke engines, which are quieter than classic 2-strokes. The petrol water pumps are self-priming, i.e. they simply require a small amount of water to be filled via a cap in order to start working.
All you need for Irrigation treatments . A range of over 22 Medium-sized Water Pumps on Frame at the best price sale on the online market.
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