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Self-priming Petrol Water Pumps in carry frame

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This category includes all self-priming water pumps built into a carry frame. These products are about the most selected among the users thanks to their great weight-power ratio. They are also renowned to be particularly efficient for different purposes like:

  • Pumping water for agricultural irrigation.
  • Draining water from pits and ponds (up to 8 mt of depth).
  • Draining water from pools and tanks (up to 8 mt of depth).
Whenever you are focusing on the purchase of a self-priming water pump even known as self-priming irrigation pumps powered by spark ignition engines, there are some features to take into account. These are the following:

  • Water pump head, from 26 mt up to 30 mt (it represents the height the fluid can reach after arriving at the pump, its surface elevation).
  • Flow rate, from 350 lt/min up to 1000 lt/min (it represents the liters of water transferred by the pump per minute).
  • Max suction height of our water pump models, from 6 mt up to 8 mt (it represents the water pump maximum pumping depth).
  • Pipe fittings (joints) featuring Ø 40 mm up to 80 mm diameter.

AgriEuro also provides water pumps on cart fitted with wheel kit which makes the irrigation pump easier to carry, store and transport.

All the self-priming water pumps available on our website are equipped with 4-stroke engines, which are known to be less noisy compared to all those 2-stroke motors. We are dealing with self-priming petrol water pumps that just require small water refilling by means of the filler cap to start working.

Our catalogue offers a range of heavy-duty water pumps powered by Honda and Koshin engines. Thus, GeoTech irrigation pumps as well as machines of different brands are also available on our website at the best quality-price ratio.
All you need for Irrigation treatments . A range of over 14 Medium-sized Water Pumps in carry frame at the best price sale on the online market.
Our 2020 AgriEuro catalogue is constantly enriched and updated showing competitive prices from 151,33 € up to 737,71 €
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