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Tractor-mounted Boxes - Loader Buckets

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Rear Tractor-mounted Boxes and Loader Buckets with manual, mechanical or hydraulic tipping.

Tractor-mounted boxes and loader buckets

Rear Tractor-mounted Boxes: what is their function?

Towed tractor-mounted boxes are ideal to collect firewood or remove debris.
In agriculture, but not exclusively, they are also used to move tools, fuel tanks, spraying equipment, generators and dirt even on the roughest terrain.

On our website you can find rear tractor-mounted boxes belonging to the light series or heavy series equipped with three-point hitch, thus featuring the possibility to be coupled to and then towed by a farm tractor.
Moreover, they are equipped with quick manual tipping that, together with the rear removable or tilting door, allows you to convert the box in a convenient loader bucket.

Here you can find the main features of tractor-mounted boxes on our catalogue:

  • Higher rear sides;
  • Reinforced rear base;
  • Quick-release tipping lever;
  • Removable and tilting rear side;
  • Easy to store;
  • Sturdy design

Rear tractor-mounted loader buckets: what is their function?

Rear tractor-mounted loader buckets are ideal to transport, lift and collect any type of soft or granular material, even when really heavy. You can find buckets featuring different lengths and provided with different tipping: from 100 cm to 140 cm, with manual tipping or hydraulic tipping. Such variety of choice of rear loader buckets can satisfy transport, moving and lifting needs of most users in the agricultural and non-agricultural field.

Rear loader buckets in our catalogue are equipped with three-point hitch, suitable for loading and moving different equipment such as tools, fuel tanks, spraying equipment, generators and heavy materials in any condition.

How to chose the tractor-mounted box:

Let’s see what are the main features to consider before purchasing a tractor-mounted box.
First of all it is necessary to take into account the intended use of the box, so as not to run the risk to purchase a useless and unsuitable equipment.
Then, you’ll have to chose the size and loading capacity needed together with the tipping mode. As easy to understand, hydraulic tipping is more comfortable and convenient than manual tipping.
Last but not least, it is necessary to evaluate the sides. A pivoting removable side, indeed, will allow you to use the box as a loader bucket for loading different types of material.

Loader buckets with hydraulic tipping:

What is the main difference between tractor-mounted loader buckets with hydraulic tipping and the ones with manual tipping?
The primary difference is the hydraulic piston, which is directly connected to the tipping system allowing to load and unload the material directly from the driver’s cab.
This makes any kind of operation much more comfortable and easy, also speeding up the time usually required to perform it.

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