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Agrieuro UR 150 Tractor-mounted Rotary Tiller Medium Series with Mechanical Shifting

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EAN: 9900000001308

Agrieuro UR 150 Tractor-mounted Rotary Tiller Medium Series with Mechanical Shifting
+50 sold
260 Kg
Tractor power
35 to 40 HP
Body material
Enamelled steel
Working width
150 cm
Manual with screw
Cardan shaft
With clutch
Cast iron gearbox
Manufacturing country
Product Features
UR 150
Tractor power:
35 to 40 HP
Body material:
Enamelled steel
Manual with screw
Manufacturing country:
Transmission data
Cast iron gearbox:
Cutting data
Working width:
150 cm
No. of blade holders:
No. of blades:
Blade type:
Rear adjustable Hood:
Free gifts/extra features
Side skids:
Cardan included:
Cardan shaft:
With clutch
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
Width: 165 cm
Net weight:
260 Kg
On pallet
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
68 x 165 x 88 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
280 Kg
Assembly time:
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€ 2.721,93
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AgriEuro UR 150 tractor-mounted rotary tiller

The AgriEuro UR 150 tractor-mounted rotary tiller with mechanical shifting is a medium-heavy, sturdy, semi-professional level and well-built machine designed to be attached to medium and small tractors.

The special feature that allows it standing out from other models is the mechanical shifting system that runs on a track on the tiller frame.

The possibility of moving the 3-point hitch by means of the screw-type shifting makes the machine suitable for any work near crops (fruit trees, vines, etc.).

----- MADE IN ITALY -----


All tillers must be used on "clean" soils, i.e. free of stones and stones of a great size, which can damage to the milling hoes and, in the worst cases, damage the rotor, the frame, or the transmission components (oil seals, bearings, etc.).

Other Features:

- MOVABLE 3-point hitch, 1° and 2° cat.
- 6 hoes per flange.
- Side skids for depth adjustment.
- ASA 80 oil-lubricated chain drive
- Equipped with CE-compliant guards.
- Cardan shaft with clutch.

What are the advantages?

  • The possibility to break up the soil very finely, much more than the traditional 4 hoe flange, ensuring a smoother and cleaner result.
  • Power absorption, however, remains the same.

Thanks to the several hoes (6 per flange) it crumbles the soil very finely, with simultaneous soil levelling. Thanks to the high number of rotor revolutions, it performs an excellent refining action.

Technical features

Total width: 165 cm
Operating width: 150 cm
Weight: 260 Kg
Required power: 35-40 Hp
Working height:: 16 cm
Hoes per flange: 6
Hoes no.: 48
Steel hoes: no. 8 discs with 6 hoes each (48 hoes in total).

Transmission and other features

Focus on the side support with inner fixing bearing of the rotor with blades, heavy-duty type.
View of the side support from the outside, where it is possible to see its sturdiness and solidity.
Height-adjustable side support skids..

Mechanical shifting as standard.
It is controlled by a heavy-duty screw system, operated by a manual rotating lever that can be removed from the machine and mounted with a simple gesture.

Focus on the long telescopic drive shaft that passes through the gearbox unit and allows the latter to be moved and run on it.

Then assemble the crank to the screw and turn it, which allows you to move the machine quickly without any effort, and above all without the use of any additional tools..
Once moved the hitch, simply tighten the two cranks again to secure it.
Finally, remove the side handle and mount it in its resting position.
The cover can be adjusted in different positions by means the chain
(Tiller for small tractors, up to max. 40 Hp).

A medium series rotary tiller, suitable for semi-professional tillage.
Thanks to the exceptional number of hoes (as many as 6 per flange) it grinds the soil very finely, with simultaneous soil levelling. Thanks to the high number of rotor revolutions, it performs an excellent refining action.

The rotary tiller can be attached to the tractor by means the three-point hitch.
Side transmission with large (ASA 80) sturdy chain in oil bath
Focus on the CAST IRON gearbox in oil bath.
Universal standard PTO (1 3/8 "Z6)
Universal lift linkage pins (with double connection diameter, suitable to all tractors on the market)

Free items & Standard equipment

Free items included

Heavy-duty cardan shaft equipped with clutch included in the package.

Focus on the heavy-duty clutch device.
WARNING: note that almost no brand nowadays includes this device with the rotary tiller (given its hight cost)

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