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Stiga A 1000 - Robot Lawn Mower - with 2,5 Ah E-Power Battery

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ID: K607693

EAN: 8008984864672

MPN: 2R7101028/ST2

Stiga A 1000 - Robot Lawn Mower - with 2,5 Ah E-Power Battery
Free item: Black & Decker BESTA530-QS Edge StrimmerFree item: Black & Decker BESTA530-QS Edge Strimmer
Max. recommended area
1000 m²
Max. slope
45 %
Obstacle detection sensor
Wi-Fi remote control
APP control
Bluetooth control
Alexa APP control
Motor type
No. of batteries
25.2 V
2.5 Ah
Battery type
Li-Ion +
Robot operation mode
No perimeter wire installation
Manufacturing country
Product Features
A 1000
Body material:
Operating mode:
Mulching cutting system:
Standard equipment
Max. recommended area :
1000 m²
Max. slope:
45 %
Rain sensor:
Grass sensor:
Obstacle detection sensor:
Manageable areas:
APP control:
Alexa APP control:
Wi-Fi remote control:
Bluetooth control:
Manufacturing country:
Motor data
Motor no.:
Motor type:
Battery type:
Li-Ion +
Power supply:
25.2 V
2.5 Ah
No. of batteries:
Working autonomy:
80 min
Charging time:
6 min
Noise level:
60 dB(A)
Motor/blade drive:
Cutting data
Body material:
No. of blades:
Blade movement:
Max. cutting height:
60 mm
Min. cutting height:
20 mm
No. of cutting positions:
Cutting width:
18 cm
Cut to the Edge:
Robot operation mode:
No perimeter wire installation
Cutting close to the edge:
Lithium battery:
Wheel Type:
Rubber tyre tread
LCD display:
Free gifts/extra features
Battery charger:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
54.5x40.5x24.5x cm
Net weight:
8.1 Kg
Original packaging
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
80x56x31 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
16 Kg
Assembly time:
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Stiga A 1000 Robot Lawn Mower

The STIGA A 1000 robot lawn mower is an essential ally for keeping your lawn impeccable with ease. This robot lawn mower stands out for its ability to operate autonomously, precisely determining the optimal moments for cutting the grass.

Thanks to STIGA's patented Active Guidance System (AGS) technology, the device anticipates the quality of the GPS signal during different times of the day, allowing proactive cut-off scheduling to ensure uninterrupted performance at times of increased signal reliability. This robot, in fact, stores useful information to ensure continuous cutting, and through the use of cells is able to create a map of the garden.

The innovation continues with a fully digital installation, through which the operational perimeter can be easily defined via App. Should your garden configurations change, you can quickly update cutting settings and boundaries directly via the STIGA.GO App.

The robot is powered by the 25.2V/2.5Ah STIGA ePower battery, which guarantees a long autonomy, allowing it to treat up to 1000 m² of surface with only two daily work sessions. The robot will resume cutting from the exact spot where the previous cycle was interrupted, ensuring complete and diversified coverage of the area day after day, with the possibility of setting up to seven separate cutting areas within your green space. Although it is possible to programme the device for several cycles, a maximum of two sessions per day is recommended to preserve lawn health, while still maintaining total programming flexibility.

The Stiga Soft Lawn Touch system makes the robot lightweight, so it does not leave any traces on the turf. The central battery provides balance and the outer cover makes cutting agile.

The design of this robot mower places a strong emphasis on sound insulation, significantly reducing noise emission and ensuring near-silent operation. Maintenance is just as easy, thanks to the outer shell that can be easily removed without tools, and it is safe to clean even with a jet of water, following the instructions for proper maintenance. As far as blades are concerned, the use of a brush is preferable.

In addition, the STIGA A 1000 robot offers perpetual connectivity at no extra cost.

Active Guidance System (AGS)

This model is equipped with an innovative, Stiga-patented system called the Active Guidance System (AGS). This system allows the robot to store important information such as the trajectories of the satellites, the strength of the signal and where the signal is disturbed. As a result, the robot updates the map daily, avoiding areas with a weak signal when needed. This helps the robot work more efficiently and prevents potential stalls due to lack of signal.

It can independently manage cutting sessions and create a virtual map of the garden while at work, thus knowing exactly where to start cutting.

It includes various directional change programmes, eliminating the risk of overcutting. The robot can be programmed to operate in multiple cutting areas, with the possibility of setting up to 7 different areas. Thanks to the STIGA.GO App, the user can choose from a wide range of pattern combinations, thus ensuring the well-being of the turf and customising the lawn's appearance. It can also be operated via Alexa.

There is no perimeter cable, so you can change the virtual perimeter of your STIGA A 1000 with a simple touch. You can also manage other functions of the robot, such as excluding specific areas from cutting cycles and setting times when the robot should not cut, even if only in certain areas.

In order to use GPS RTK technology, the robot needs a continuous connection to its reference station. This connection is ensured by 4G data traffic and constant communication between the lawnmower robot, STIGA Cloud and the base station. The base station is included with the purchase of the robot.


The App can be used on both Apple and Android, integrated with Amazon Alexa, for complete management of your robot!

The App allows you to easily schedule cutting sessions, switch to ECO mode and manage cutting parameters.

With the App, you will always be connected to a service point for a quick response in case of need or failure.

- The App is easily downloaded through the QR code on the robot.

Free Connectivity

4G data traffic ensures continuous and reliable communication between the robot mower, the STIGA Cloud and the base, overcoming physical obstacles such as walls and vegetation. Thus, the robot operates with maximum autonomy, tending the lawn with precision. For optimal operation of the robot, a data package is required.

The connection of the robot mower with the STIGA.GO App on the phone uses the mobile data of the device, without affecting the data package necessary for the robot to function.

STIGA autonomous robot mowers come with a free data package for the lifetime of the device, eliminating the need for additional expenses. Data consumption varies depending on the size of the garden and the frequency of cutting sessions, with data traffic stopping when the robot returns to the charging base.

STIGA chose Vodafone as its data provider because of the extended coverage in Europe and the guaranteed security and privacy in the communication between robot and network.

Ensuring that at least one supplier is available to provide the necessary support for the autonomous robot mower to operate efficiently. Different operators will be relied upon depending on the country.

Data security is a priority: STIGA Cloud servers, located in Europe, adhere to strict data protection regulations. STIGA guarantees compatibility and effective operation of the robot in many European countries, although functionality may depend on various factors such as the service provider, GPS and 4G coverage, as well as garden configuration. Please consult your dealer before installation.

ePower Share Batteries

The core of the A 1000 robot is the Stiga-patented E-Power battery.

This battery consists of first-class lithium-ion cells, containing a chemistry designed to increase reliability and durability.

Tested in all kinds of conditions, the battery will still perform at its best even after 600 recharges, comparable to two recharges per week, over a period of six years.


  • High-performance blades: powerful and effective. Four central blades guarantee a fast, quality cut.
  • Simple operation: Thanks to the simple control panel and the convenient STIGA.GO App, programming the robot is easy and intuitive.
  • Environmentally friendly and low-noise: it does not pollute thanks to the electric charging system and is extremely quiet at under 60 dB(A).
  • Helps with soil nutrition: It shreds the grass and lets the residue fall to the ground, adding further nutrients to the lawn.
  • Safe: When raised, the robot stops the blades, for safe use at all times.
  • It is autonomous: works and recharges autonomously. When the battery is about to run out, the robot will automatically return to its station for recharging.
  • Powerful: It copes with slopes of up to 45% - 24°.
  • Easily removable shell for better cleaning and maintenance.

A 1000 Intelligence and Control Panel

An intuitive control panel lets you manually give instructions to the robot when you don't have your phone at hand. With the switches on the panel, you can:

  • Switch on and off A 1000
  • Activate Bluetooth functionality
  • Instruct the robot to return to the charging base
  • Manage the robot to cut according to the set schedule
  • Direct the robot to start cutting immediately

The robot will stop immediately by pressing the big red button marked STOP.

- Detail of control panel and STOP button


The product you receive at home is easy to start up, and even the most inexperienced user can start using the A 1000 robot, following the included instruction manual.

The installation is completely virtual. The working perimeter can be set via the STIGA.GO App, and can be updated at any time.

As soon as the charging base (with charger) is installed, the robot is ready to go, as it does not need a perimeter wire.

Details and Technical Specifications

Main technical features:

  • Engine type: Brushless
  • Charging system: Automatic
  • Power Kit: Included
  • Battery voltage: 25.2 V
  • Battery: Lithium-ion
  • Battery capacity: 2.5 Ah
  • Running time: 60 minutes
  • Charging Time: 60 minutes
  • Noise level: 60 dB
  • Weight: 8.1 Kg

Other features:

  • Quick stop control: The robot stops when the large STOP button is pressed, ensuring safety in all circumstances.
  • Obstacle detection sensor
  • Anti-tilting sensor
  • Rain sensor
  • Lifting sensor: if the robot is lifted it will switch off, and then must be started manually
  • Stiga Soft Lawn Touch: the machine is so light that it leaves no trace on the lawn, and the central battery improves balance and ensures easy cutting.

Cutting System

The robot has an electronic cutting height adjustment, which can vary from a minimum of 20 to a maximum of 60 mm.

Mulching: 4 pivoting steel blades finely chop the grass, leaving it on the ground. As it decomposes, it becomes a nutrient for the lawn itself, creating an entirely natural cycle. With this cutting method, the grass does not need to be harvested.

Up to 7 different cutting areas can be set in the garden. It is recommended, however, to schedule only 2 cutting sessions per day.

Recommended maximum cutting area: 1000 s.q. m.

Cutting width: 18 cm

Maximum cutting speed: 22m/min

Blade speed: 2850 rpm

It can operate up to a 45%slope, or 20% close to the edges.

Two large rubberised wheels are included as well, for an effective and long-lasting grip on the ground, and two small front swivel wheels, which allow it to overcome slopes and obstacles.

- Detail of the front wheels

- Difference between pivoting and non-pivoting blades

If ONLY the blades need cleaning, with the robot upside down, use a brush.
Free items & Standard equipment

COMPLIMENTARY - Black & Decker BESTA530-QS Electric Edge Strimmer

Black & Decker BESTA530-QS electric edge strimmer features an innovative automatic cutting line feeding system, for excellent results.

This amazing edge strimmer is ideal for medium-sized gardens.

Edge trimming function, more precise thanks to the support wheel, so that the edge of your garden will be perfect.

30 cm cutting width to ensure perfect cleaning and trimming of medium-sized gardens.

Powered by a powerful 550W electric motor placed at the centre of the machine body in order to ensure great balance, higher comfort and excellent unit control while working.

Effective and with innovative design, this edge trimmer is also provided with E-DRIVE technology: high torque gear transmission for clean and effective cuts also in difficult conditions, improves performance and speeds up the work.

Telescopic pole for perfect height adjustment.

The double adjustable handle improves balance and control while working.

Automatic line feeding, the coil length is always perfect for cutting.

Standard Equipent

In addition to the instruction manual, the package includes:

  • Charging station
  • Internal 2.5 Ah E-Power battery
  • 7 fixing nails for the base with the special tool
  • 5 m extension cable for station power supply
  • Battery charger
  • Mounting bracket for the station
  • 4 spare blades
  • Sticker for blocking apps

Stiga also offers free connectivity forever at no extra cost

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