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Seven Italy Simply a 4 - Square Spring Grubber with Curl - 120cm

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ID: K606856

EAN: 8053435095723


Seven Italy Simply  a 4 - Square Spring Grubber with Curl - 120cm
90 Kg
Working width
120 cm
Working depth
25 cm
Number of Ploughshares
4 Ploughshares
Manufacturing country
Product Features
Simply spring loaded tiller with 4 anchors
Tractor power:
30 to 40 HP
Fixed 3-point hitch:
Reinforced Frame:
Manufacturing country:
Cutting data
Working width:
120 cm
Working depth:
25 cm
Number of Ploughshares :
4 Ploughshares
Interchangeable anchors:
Tilting anchors:
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Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
120x60x107 cm
Net weight:
90 Kg
On pallet
Unloading with hydraulic tail lift:
Assembly time:
60 minutes
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€ 692,57
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Seven Italy Simply Spring Loaded Tiller Light-Series with 4 squared torsion spring anchors

Seven Italy Simply spring loaded tiller with 4 squared torsion spring anchors has been designed with the aim to provide comfort and convenience to the user when performing soil tillage activities.

The innovative Multy frame features a number of unique advantages. This frame allows a flexible 1-, 2-, 3- or 4-element configuration and enables the operator to adapt the tiller to the specific soil requirements and intended use.

Thanks to its interchangeable element configuration, the Seven Italy tiller features unprecedented versatility. The operator can easily change the frame elements according to the type of work to be performed. For example, if you want to superficially break up the previously worked soil and make it uniform, you can use a 2-element configuration. Instead, if you need more intense and deeper action, you can use a 4-element configuration.

The vertical extraction process performed by the Simply model of the tiller contributes to improve soil quality. By reworking the previously tilled soil vertically, surface clods are broken and soil homogeneity is promoted. Furthermore, this operation significantly reduces the number of unwanted clods, thus making the soil more uniform and ready for the following tillage stages.

Another important advantage provided by the Simply tiller is its ability to eliminate surface-grown weeds. By cutting and tilling the soil, the tiller considerably reduces the appearance of unwanted plants, helping to keep the soil clean and ready for subsequent use.

In conclusion, the Seven Italy Simply spring loaded tiller with a Multy frame is an excellent solution for tilling. Thanks to its flexible configuration, vertical cutting capacity and weed elimination, this tiller provides a high level of comfort and convenience to the operator, allowing optimal results when preparing the soil for future crops.

The Tiller processing

A tiller usually works on previously tilled soil in order to reduce clods, holes and imperfections such as weed rhizomes.

The 4 arrow tines ensure even work over a 120 cm soil width.

The lance is excellent for spreading and breaking up clods on even hard and stony seedbeds.

The arrow-shaped anchors with torsion spring ensure guarantee more accurate and uniform work than those with fixed anchors; furthermore, they are more user-friendly than a spring tiller.

Main features

The simply tiller with 4 square torsion (20x20mm) spring anchors is a Made in Italy, light series product.

Focus on the torsion spring of every anchor

Focus on the lance ploughshare

Focus on the 4 curved tines

Reinforced, 3-point hitch for 1st category tractor with quick-release couplings

Sub-frame height - ground: 430 mm

Free items & Standard equipment

Free items included

The machine is shipped in its original packaging together with the assembly bolts.

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