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Seven Italy Simply 3-Element Tractor-Mounted Ripper - 140cm frame

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ID: K606868

EAN: 8053435095730


Seven Italy Simply 3-Element Tractor-Mounted Ripper - 140cm frame
Working width
140 cm
Working depth
37 cm
Tractor power
30-50 HP
Clod shattering fins
Manufacturing country
Product Features
Ripuntatore simply a 3 ancore 140 cm
Tractor power:
30-50 HP
Reinforced Frame:
Manufacturing country:
Cutting data
Working depth:
37 cm
Working width:
140 cm
Working depth:
37 cm
Free gifts/extra features
Safety bolts:
Reversible and replaceable tine:
Clod shattering fins:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
140x60x120 cm
Net weight:
115 Kg
On pallet
Unloading with hydraulic tail lift:
Assembly time:
60 minutes
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Seven Italy Simply 3-Element Tractor-Mounted Ripper 140cm

The Seven Italy Simply tractor-mounted ripper has been specifically designed to provide the operator with comfort and convenience during agricultural activities. Its distinctive feature is the Multy frame, which allows a flexible configuration with 1, 2 or 3 anchors, allowing greater versatility in use.

The ripper’s Multy frame allows quick and easy interchangeability of elements following the user’s specific needs. For example, a single element can be used to work on narrow areas or hard-to-reach corners, while a 2- or 3-element configuration can be adopted to cover a larger area in a shorter time.

In addition to its flexibility, the “Simply” ripper stands out for its ability to perform homogeneous soil crushing. This working process does not affect the organic balance of the soil, preserving its natural structure. As a result, the processed soil keeps its sponginess, which is crucial to encourage plant growth and improve soil drainage.

The homogeneous soil crumbling performed by the 'Simply' ripper is particularly profitable even in the most extreme situations. Even with compacted or obstructed soil, the rippers able to work in depth, ensuring greater penetration and improved soil aeration. This improves the crop yields and reduces the risk of water stagnation or soil erosion.

In conclusion, the Simply 3-elements ripper with “Multy” frame, provides a highly versatile and high-performance option for tilling. Thanks to its homogeneous crushing capacity and preservation of the soil's organic balance, it represents an ideal choice for farmers seeking better soil sponginess and drainage, even in the most demanding conditions.


The Simply 3-elements ripper is an agricultural tool employed for soil tilling. Its total width is 140cm and it features 3 elements, i.e. 3 hoes able to work the soil in depth.

The Simply 3-element tractor-mounted ripper with 140cm working width is particularly suitable for medium-sized soils, such as vegetable gardens. Thanks to its efficiency and practicality, this ripper represents a valuable help for those who desire a good yield from their agricultural activity.

The force required for a ripper is generally less than that required for a plough. This makes it possible to operate on an area almost twice as large as the one that can be tilled with a tiller.

The ripper function is particularly effective with compact, dry soil, allowing it to be broken up effectively. Indeed, thanks to its action, the soil will be loosened on the surface and marked by a series of small furrows.

The tillage from the bottom up creates a certain amount of macro-porosity and crumbling in the soil, thus causing little or no change in the profile of the layers. In not very compact soils, the operation is in any case effective in breaking up clamps and improving water drainage.

Working depth: 37 cm

Focus on the safety shear bolt

Main features

The Simply 3-element ripper is an ideal agricultural machine for professional tillage.

The combination of 3 ripper anchors allows effective, high-quality soil tillage.

  • Weight of 90Kg and frame width of 140 cm.
  • The ripper is equipped with 3 anchors with pull bolt and reversible ploughshare.
  • Lateral clod shattering fins used for soil clearing or the removal of rocks and obstacles that impede cultivation.
  • The ripper is equipped with a 1° category 3-point hitch with Ø22 mm diameter at the bottom and Ø19 mm diameter at the top
  • The ripper is sandblasted and powder-coated to provide greater corrosion resistance

Pins size:

  • A (height from the lowest pin to the ground): 85 cm
  • B (distance between pins): 48 cm
  • C (height from the lowest pin to the ground) 44 cm

Sub-frame height - ground: 490 mm

Free items & Standard equipment

Free items included

The machine is shipped in its original packaging together with the assembly bolts.

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