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Rato R3000iE-R - Inverter power generator trolley version 3.5 kW - DC 3.2 kW Single phase

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ID: K604210

EAN: 6974880290407

MPN: R3000iE-R

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Rato R3000iE-R - Inverter power generator trolley version 3.5 kW - DC 3.2 kW Single phase
2 bottles of 600 ml engine oil each2 bottles of 600 ml engine oil each
Power supply
Electric Current
Single-phase rated power
3.2 kW
Max. power
3.5 Kw
Inverter technology
Electric start
Motor brand
Motor Model
Cubic capacity
212 cm³
Digital control panel
Battery charger
Product Features
Power supply:
Electric Current:
Voltage stabiliser:
Single-phase power supply 220 V:
50 hz
Inverter board:
Single-phase rated power :
3.2 kW
Max. power:
3.5 Kw
Electric start:
Manufacturing country:
Motor data
Motor Model:
Cubic capacity:
212 cm³
No. of cylinders:
Power supply:
Overhead valve OHV
Engine lubrication system:
Oil bath
Decompression system:
Tank capacity:
8.5 L
Working autonomy:
5 h
Noise level:
66 dB(A)
Manufacturing country:
Digital control panel:
Anti-vibrating system:
Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS):
Inverter technology:
On wheeled frame (with wheels and handles):
Battery charger:
Shuko power outlet:
Battery for electric start:
Electric start button:
Recoil start system (with rope):
Tank level indicator:
Free gifts/extra features
Engine oil bottle for free:
Wooden pallet (safe shipping):
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
59x46x51 cm
Net weight:
45 Kg
On pallet
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
62x50x55 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
48 Kg
Assembly time:
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Rato R3000iE-R Inverter Generator

The Rato R3000iE-Rgenerator is able to issue a maximum power of 3.5 Kw.

Its main features include the possibility of connecting it in parallel with another generator by means of a special kit (not supplied among the standard equipment).

Easy transport thanks to the two wheels and the top handle: indeed, the generator can be carried like a trolley.

Equipped with practical electric start.

It is a very practical and simple to use machine, in fact, thanks to its trolley it will result also very easy to carry. The generator is also equipped with a 4-stroke EURO V petrol engine 212 cc.

Equipped with the exclusive inverter technology, it is sensitive to voltage variations thus guaranteeing an always stabilized energy.

The inverter technology:

This generator produces electrical energy with a constant frequency and voltage, regardless of the variation of the load and the engine speed; this is made possible by the use of an electronic converter that disengages the amplitude of the input voltage from the output.

Unlike traditional generators, a permanent magnet generator is used together with a speed monitoring system of the engine rpm according to the actually used power, which allows a significant reduction of fuel consumption and less noise with the use of average loads downs.

Main applications:

The reliability and the quality of the energy produced with this system allows the power supply of electronic equipment such as computers, medical equipment, measuring instruments, and any particularly device sensitive to variations in voltage and frequency.

WARNING: all these models of generators that do not belong to the PROFESSIONAL series (considering the product level evaluation used by our website) are not intended for more than 3-4 hours continuous work in order not to reduce the alternator durability as well as that of one of the other machine components due to the unit overheating or wear. As regards a home or intensive use of these generators, it is important to follow the indications mentioned above. In all these conditions, we highly recommend focusing the attention on the purchase of generators renowned as PROFESSIONAL by the product level classification made in our website.

Technical Features

Maximum power disbursement: 3.5 KW

Nominal power in continuous running (COP): 3.2 KW

This is the data that should be taken into consideration as an effective and constant data for the generator output (it guarantees the product an infinite duration)

Voltage: 230V

Operating frequency: 50 Hz

Fuel tank capacity: 8.3 L

Weight: 45 kg

Noise level: 66 dB (7/m)

Engine type: petrol 4-stroke single cylinder air-cooled

Electric start

WARNING: Engine without oil
(make sure to add oil for 4-stroke engines before starting the unit)

Major advantages over conventional 2-stroke mixture engines:

  • Greater reliability
  • Higher durability
  • Easier start especially after long periods of inactivity
  • Lesser problems related to the preparation and to the fuel freshness
  • Lower fuel consumption (less than half!).
  • Less maintenance

Focus on the muffler

Control Panel

The control panel shows:

Power switch

Warnings indicators

Grounding discharge

Electric start

Fitting for parallel connection

Energy saving button

Attachment for the charger


- Nr. 2 Schuko sockets with delivery at 230 V

Additional Features

Focus on the transport towing hook

Focus on the fuel tank lid

Focus on the rubber supports

Oil tank plug

Compartment for easy battery access

Carrying handle with trolley

Rope for manual start

Porthole for the control of the fuel level

Upper lifting handle

How To Select The Correct Power Rating Of The Generator

As far as the needed power is concerned, we now provide you with an handy chart to help you navigate among consumption, starting coefficients and watt.

The best criteria is to pinpoint first which are the instruments we need to power with the generator and, consequently perform a simple calculation, as explained below, to identify the needed power that the generator need to eject.

Power required = Electric appliance consumption X Breakaway starting coefficient

The starting coefficient is a fundamental characteristic of any instrument which works with electric current because it indicates how much the consumption of the object increases. Therefore, this is needed to concretely determine how many WATT are necessary during the start up operations.

Example: Compressor (1500 Watt ) X Starting coefficient (2) = 3000 Watt Hence you should orientate towards a generator which has a WATT power equal or superior to the result (*)

Check the consumption of the appliance on the instruction and maintenance manual or on the plate attached to the machine.

WARNING: the chart is purely indicative. Thanks to the formula above you can easily calculate the power a generator should deliver to connect and start some specific products and select the model of generator which best suits your needs. And remember that to operate the electronic equipment (computers, televisions and all the equipment equipped with an electronic card) must purchase a current with "inverter" generator (which stabilizes the output current).

Inverter Generator – Warnings And Range Of Application

  • This inverter generator is equipped with an electronic card in order to stabilize the output current, generating an almost perfect wave.
    This makes it particularly suitable for application in certain uses, but also suitable for other.
    Some examples of FIELD OF APPLICATION : Feeding of all kinds of electronic equipment (being equipped with electronic card which consequently require a very stable power to avoid the risk of damaging such cards), appliances, equipment and kitchen and domestic equipment, lights and lamps; In conclusion they are specific to a strictly domestic use or for vacation and leisure use (in a camper, boat, etc ...)

    Some examples of NON APPLICATIONFIELDS : Construction equipment, workshop equipment, do-it-yourself, welding machines, equipment of any kind equipped with brush motors (which in the event of wear on the brushes can move back towards the generator some power surges that can damage the the generator electronic card); basically, for all this list of working, construction or artisan equipment, an inverter generator is too delicate and therefore inadequate, therefore it is necessary to focus on a classic generator, not with inverter card, but equipped with the classic alternator with stator and heavy rotor, most suitable for powering this equipment.

    We remind you that the inverter generator was designed for NOT PROFESSIONAL use, it is therefore apt for occasional use (not frequent). The working sessions must no be over 3-4 continuous hours (which would cause the alternator to overheat and wear) If you need a generator for frequent use (for example once a week), the user should look towards another type of generator, specifically intended for a frequent use and precisely a PROFESSIONAL or even INDUSTRIAL quality-level generator;

    The generator is not designed to be installed in photovoltaic or solar energy systems for energy production nor for the recharging or maintenance of batteries of these specific or other electric systems. Indeed, it may damage seriously the generator on its internal components (alternator, engine and electrical component). Each photovoltaic system requires a generator for INDUSTRIAL use (not for domestic use as this present model), specifically designed and manufactured for this purpose. WE DO NOT PROVIDE WARRANTY on generators connected to photovoltaic systems, as this entails an IMPROPER USE OF THE UNIT.
Free items & Standard equipment


TWO oil bottles for 4-stroke engines

Free items included

The generator is shipped in its original packaging, along with:

  • Spark plug spanner and assembly and maintenance tools
  • Instructions manual
  • Plastic funnel
  • Schuko male plug
  • Battery Charger
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