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Philips AquaTrio 7000 XW7110/01 - Cordless floor washer - 3-in-1 washer, dryer and vacuum

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ID: K607608

EAN: 8720389024009

MPN: XW7110

Philips AquaTrio 7000 XW7110/01 - Cordless floor washer - 3-in-1 washer, dryer and vacuum
2 super universal detergent bottles2 super universal detergent bottles
2 clean detergent bottles2 clean detergent bottles
2 Gres detergent bottles2 Gres detergent bottles
Body material
Hand push
Brush type
Roller brush
Brush width
26 cm
Detergent tank capacity
0.67 L
Recovery tank capacity
0.6 L
Motor type
Nominal power (W)
60 W
Battery type
18 V
3.3 Ah
Motor no.
Product Features
AquaTrio 7000 XW7110/01
Body material:
Floor scrubber
Operating mode:
Items included:
Battery and battery charger included
Hand push
Drying function:
Dirt vacuuming function :
Brush width:
26 cm
Brush type:
Roller brush
Number of tanks:
Detergent tank capacity:
0.67 L
Detergent delivery:
Recovery tank capacity:
0.6 L
Manufacturing country:
Motor data
Motor no.:
Motor no.:
Motor type:
Battery type:
Nominal power (W):
60 W
Tank capacity:
0.67 L
18 V
3.3 Ah
Working autonomy:
25 min
Charging time:
240 min
Manufacturing country:
Lithium battery:
Folding/removable handle/s:
Free gifts/extra features
Base for storage:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
26,5 x 22,5 x 110 cm
Net weight:
4.6 Kg
Original packaging
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
Gross weight (packaging included) :
8.2 Kg
Assembly time:
5 minutes
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Estimated delivery: 27/05/2024 - 29/05/2024
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Philips AquaTrio 7000 XW7110/01 - Cordless floor washer

The Philips AquaTrio 7000 XW7110/01 cordless floor washer is an excellent floor cleaning tool, combining vacuuming and washing in one efficient step.

Equipped with the AquaSpin brush, it enables deep and hygienic cleaning, removing dust, dirt, stains and up to 99.9% of bacteria.

Its two self-cleaning high-speed brushes ensure optimal hygiene, preventing dirt from spreading on the floor.

The device always keeps the floor clean with fresh water, thanks to the Aqua Diffusion system that separates and locks dirty water in a dedicated tank, eliminating the need to touch the dirty water when emptying.

It is particularly effective in hard-to-reach places, such as around chairs and under furniture, thanks to its flexible wireless design.

It offers three cleaning modes - normal, intensive and water absorption - selectable via a handy digital LCD screen.

After use, the machine automatically cleans itself in the housing station, leaving the brushes and the unit ready for the next use.

In addition, it is equipped with a Philips floor cleaner for professional results, effective against grease and stubborn dirt, with a duration of 15 cleaning sessions per bottle.

Main features

The Philips AquaTrio 7000 XW7110/01 is a 60W cordless floor washer designed to provide a quick and easy solution for everyday cleaning.

It stands out to be extremely manageable, even thanks to its low weight of only 4.6 Kg.

Universal brush width: 26 mm

Clean water tank capacity: 0.67 l

Waste tank capacity: 0.60 l

Battery: 3.3 Ah

Removable and easy to store, saving space.

Base with 2 wheels, which allow easily sliding the equipment.

Details of the brush

Details of the removable collection tank

Details of the handle, which allows using the scrubber with a single hand

Additional features

Other Features:

Battery Charge time : 4 hours

Running time: 25 minutes

Dirty water tank full indicator: yes

Area covered with a battery: Up to 180 m2

Colour: Anthracite grey and champagne

Weight: 4.6 kg

Dimensions after assembly: 26.5 x 22.5 x 110 cm (l x p x h)

Dimensions of the accommodation station at the end of cleaning: 34.5 x 32 x 24.3 cm (l x p x h)

Free items & Standard equipment

COMPLIMENTARY: AgriEuro Outdoor Detergent Kit - 6 1 L Bottles

This AgriEuro Outdoor Detergents set includes 6 different products, featuring different characteristics that are essential for cleaning operations on indoor and outdoor surfaces.

The set includes:

  • This variation indicator phosphoric acid cleaner was designed to remove limescale and saline grime from tiles, pool waterlines, equipment and bathroom fixtures

Perfect for cleaning up operations on floors, shelves, cooking area as well as objects like bikes, vehicles and other additional tools.

  • 2X CLEAN

Alkaline detergent formulated for degreasing equipment and machinery dirty with oil and grease.

Perfect on concrete and tiles.

Recommended for cleaning smog from home facades, external stairs and sidewalks.

  • 2X GRES
  • This chlorine acid detergent was designed to clean and sanitize at the same time.
    This product is essential when it comes to removing mold and moss from dark areas and environments in case of wet environment.
    Particularly suitable for removing bad odours.
    Its high sanitizing efficiency eliminates bacteria which cause unpleasant odour through fermentation.

Free items included

The machine is shipped in its original packaging

  • Instruction manual
  • Supporting base
  • Multi-surface detergent bottle
  • Battery charger
  • Brush
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