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Wood-fired Ovens

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Outdoor and Built-in Pizza Ovens, in refractory and INOX stainless steel

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Wood-fired ovens: which is the best?

In this category you can find wood-fired ovens, for both domestic and non-domestic use, to cook some of the most popular products of the Italian cuisine, such as pizza and bread. Indeed, choosing the wood-fired oven that best suits your needs is complicated: the ovens by AGRIEURO are famous for their long history and tradition in the industry. The company has the widest and most varied wood-fired oven range on the market, ranging from quite affordable to professional ovens.

Wood-fired ovens: how do they differ?

The AGRIEURO ovens available on our website can be differentiated by:

  • type: in fact, they can be outdoor or built-in ovens
  • direct or indirect combustion
  • the size of the cooking chamber, in particular width and depth
  • the number of cooking floors, from 1 up to a maximum of 4
  • the presence and the possible channeling of the ventilation system
  • the presence of refractory bricks
  • the optional outer stainless steel covering
  • the material of the doors, which can be enameled steel, cast iron or INOX stainless steel
  • the possibility to remove the panels for cleaning
  • the presence of front shelves, side shelves or both

Built-in or outdoor oven: which to choose?

Of course, everything depends on the space available and where you want to place the product:

  • Indirect cooking outdoor wood-fired ovens, perfect for your garden, are in fact equipped with support cart and pitched roof in case of bad weather;
  • Direct cooking outdoor wood-fired ovens, more complex to use than indirect cooking ovens because the combustion and cooking room are the same, so the heat of the fire comes directly into contact with the food, but smoke is expelled from the chimney. However, direct cooking enhances the flavour of dishes, which you cannot do with traditional ovens.
  • Built-in ovens are particularly suitable to be incorporated into stable structures both inside and outside.

All you need for Outdoor cooking . A range of over 133 Wood-fired Ovens at the best price sale on the online market.
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