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Gas Ovens

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Gas ovens

Heavy-duty Gas Ovens

In recent years, the use and purchase of outdoor gas pizza ovens by professional and hobby pizza makers has gained increasing popularity due to the advantages these products offer over classic wood-fired ovens.
One of the reasons for the popularity lies in the fact that today's gas oven models are designed to meet the need of some users to place the oven on less-practical and non-functional spaces, such as balconies and patios.
A gas-fired oven can be the ideal solution for ease of assembly and set-up and practicality of use.

But is the taste of food different compared to wood-fired ovens?
A question most users ask before purchasing: the answer is no, or at least not for short cooking times such as those for pizza.
In fact, that typical wood-scented aroma can only be released during long and prolonged cooking.

Gas ovens for outdoor and indoor use, easy-to-use and perfect to prepare any type of baked food in no time

Gas ovens offer numerous benefits over wood-fired models due to their ease of use and efficiency. In addition, gas-fuelled ovens allows for more precise and accurate temperature control thanks to the heat valves which adjust the amount of gas supplied to heat the baking chamber.

The strengths of the gas-fuelled type are undoubtedly its cost effectiveness, user-friendliness and speed in reaching high temperatures.
In general, it is fair to say that this appliance is ideal for cooking pizza and baked goods that require cooking temperatures of above 220°C, whereas for the preparation of leavened pastries, cakes, biscuits, but also soufflés and cream puffs, an electric oven is better suited.

The stainless steel body construction of gas ovens makes them extremely durable, as well as undoubtedly aesthetically pleasing.
The cordierite baking board (refractory brick) provides even heat distribution, for optimised pizza cooking. The stainless steel grid and tray for grease recovery also make it possible to also cook meat, vegetables and sweet baked products. They can be installed both outdoors and indoors, making them extremely versatile.

The main must-have features of an outdoor gas pizza oven:

This type of oven boasts features that offer a number of advantages over classic wood-fired ovens, here are the main ones:

  • Practicality of use, the assembly and set-up are easy and quick, all you have to do is connect the oven to the gas cylinder.
  • Ease of use and maintenance, one of the greatest strengths of this type of oven is undoubtedly its practicality, since there is no need to adjust the heat manually and no space is required to store the wood.
  • Versatility, outdoor gas ovens can be placed in large private gardens as well as in more limited urban spaces such as patios, and in most cases they can be transported with great ease.
    Gas fuelling produces no smoke, the only emissions it releases are comparable to those of a domestic heating boiler.

Which are the most important brands?

Our catalogue features leading brand names in gas ovens manufacturing. Much like with other types of products, choosing a serious, well-known and trusted manufacturers means going for quality and safety. The brands to keep in mind when choosing a gas oven are:

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