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Orchard Sprayers - Tractor

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Among the treatment equipments, the orchard sprayers are the most popular. Indeed, if compared to other treatments systems of the same capacity, the atomizer for example, they are cheaper. Their functioning is extremely easy and very versatile. Depending on the treatment they are addressed to do, they can be equipped with booms, pattern spray guns, and hose reel (when the manual treatment matched with a gun or a high pressure lance for tall trees or a simple lever lance is needed).
Sprayers are specific for the high pressure working with vertical and horizontal spraying. With the new plantation methods, booms allow to address the liquid across the plants rows with a fast and accurate action. The Orchard Sprayers are provided with guns, they have the same function of the above mentioned booms but can cross leaves and allow the treatment well reach the inner part of the plant. If needed to refinish the treatment or to work with scattered plants, not in row or with an irregular planting layout, it is possible to apply a hose reel with 100 mt hose and a manual gun or lance. Their versatility make them usable also for weed killing, by applying the proper weed killing booms. All the accessories that can be applied to the orchard sprayers are listed on the related products section enclosed in each tank’s description.
All you need for Spraying treatments and weeding – Tractor-mounted agricultural machines . A range of over 22 Orchard Sprayers at the best price sale on the online market.
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