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Linea VZ F2 - Built-In Wood-fired Oven with Ø 107 cm Cooking Chamber - Cooking Capacity: 5 pizzas

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ID: K607023

EAN: 8033210843046

MPN: 43046

Linea VZ F2 - Built-In Wood-fired Oven with Ø 107 cm Cooking Chamber - Cooking Capacity: 5 pizzas
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Pizza shovel for wood-fired ovenPizza shovel for wood-fired oven
Pair of oven gloves for free!Pair of oven gloves for free!
Cooking surfaces:
Cooking chamber depth
107 cm
Cooking chamber width
107 cm
Cooking chamber height
47.5 cm
Round cooking chamber
Cooking surface
8988 cm²
No. of pizzas per time
5 pizzas
Refractory floor
Refractory bricks on all sides
No. of diners
30 People
480 Kg
Vapour vent
Manufacturing country
Product Features
Cooking chamber height:
47.5 cm
Round cooking chamber:
No. of pizzas per time:
5 pizzas
General dimensions:
Cooking surface:
8988 cm²
Cooking surfaces::
Cooking chamber depth:
107 cm
Cooking chamber width:
107 cm
No. of diners:
30 People
Manufacturing country:
Standard ventilation:
Refractory floor:
Refractory sides:
Refractory bricks on all sides:
Door material:
Stainless steel
Vapour vent:
Smoke regulation valve:
Free gifts/extra features
Wooden pallet (safe shipping):
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
119x154x60.5 cm
Net weight:
480 Kg
Chimney diameter:
25 cm
On pallet
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
80x120x125 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
480 Kg
Unloading with hydraulic tail lift:
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Linea VZ F2 Wood-fired Oven

Linea VZ F2 wood-fired oven is an excellent choice for cooking enthusiasts both outdoors or indoors.

It features a large cooking chamber with a diameter of 107 cm. The oven dome is made of refractory crushed stone a high alumina and fused cement content, while the fire floor is entirely made of refractory crushed stone.

The vault's height from the bottom and its parabolic shape allow for heat distribution of the base resulting in a perfect food cooking.

Thanks to its features, this oven can be installed both outdoors and indoors. With outdoor installation, it is highly recommended to protect it with a water-repellent quartz outdoor paint. If desired, it can also be combined with fireplaces.

Cooking capacity: up to 5 pizzas with Ø 30 cm each.

The circular smoke outlet, Ø 25 cm, also ensures proper ventilation and keeps the constant temperature inside the oven.

This wood-fired oven is designed for direct cooking and is ideal for outdoor cooking enthusiasts. The inside of the cooking chamber is made of refractory material so as to provide the same type of cooking as a traditional masonry oven.

The oven is characterised by a sturdy structure, designed to withstand high stresses and temperatures. Its materials not only ensure superior baking quality, but also offer exceptional mechanical resistance and long-lasting durability.

In terms of dimensions, this oven is compact and fits perfectly into any space in the house or garden. Its aesthetics are visually pleasing and it provides large cooking capacity in order to meet the most demanding culinary expectations of a wood-fired oven.

The product will be delivered not assembled, it must be coated and insulated.


It is recommended to protect it with a layer of water-repellent exterior paint (not included) and two rolls of 4 m² 10 cm density 100 rock wool on insulation net.

Use insulation mortar during assembly.

Components included:

  • 3 Base plates
  • 4-Piece vault
  • 1 moving steel door that can be positioned in front of the oven opening
  • 1 internal temperature thermometer

Main Features

Oven with refractory crushed stone and cast concrete baking chamber Ø 107 cm.

  • Ø 25 cm circular smoke outlet
  • Internal height (cooking chamber) 47.5 cm
  • Parabolic-shaped cooking chamber
  • Oven opening size 51x30 cm

Versatile and easy to install both indoors and outdoors using appropriate protection, even combined with already existing fireplaces if necessary.


  • Up to 5 pizzas with Ø 30 cm

The floor is made of refractory material of the highest quality and it is food-grade, also ensuring the same cooking quality as a traditional masonry oven. Ideal for cooking pizza: you can bake up to 5 pizzas simultaneously. However, it is also excellent for bread, cakes, meat and vegetables.

The smoke outlet is placed is positioned on the ceiling of the oven.

This circular smoke exhaust system is carefully designed to ensure proper ventilation and maintain constant heat inside the oven during the baking process.

In fact, the large smoke outlet allows for an adequate and regular flow of air inside the oven, thus ensuring a healthy and safe cooking environment.

The oven's front door is made of steel and is equipped with an ergonomic, heat-resistant handle that provides a firm and comfortable grip when opening and closing the oven; thanks to its reliable and secure closing system, it ensures an airtight seal that prevents heat and odours from escaping.

An excellent additional feature is the presence of an integrated thermometer, strategically placed, which allows constant monitoring of the temperature inside the oven.

This thermometer provides an accurate and reliable measurement, allowing the chef to maintain control over every step of the cooking process and ensuring consistent, high quality culinary results.

Free items & Standard equipment

FOR FREE: Royal Food Peel for Pizza

Royal Food stainless steel pizza peel

Practical and handy

Dimensions: 12" x 14"

The comfortable handle is durable and easy to fit by any user

The product is shipped in its original packaging.

FOR FREE: oven gloves

Pair of wood-fired oven gloves: the only true wood-fired oven glove model that can guarantee maximum protection.
These gloves are able to protect up to three-quarters of the arm.
Truly unique, functional and effective model

Free Items Included

The oven is shipped in its original packaging along with the instructions manual.

The package includes:

  • 3 Base plates
  • 4-Piece vault
  • 1 moving steel door
  • 1 thermometer
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