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Line VZ Party black- Pyrolytic Pellet Barbecue with Wheels

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ID: K607284

EAN: 8057685813212

MPN: 13212

Line VZ Party black- Pyrolytic Pellet Barbecue with Wheels
BBQ Tool-holder ApronBBQ Tool-holder Apron
Pliers, scoop, fork setPliers, scoop, fork set
Brush / scraper for your BBQBrush / scraper for your BBQ
Barbecue gloveBarbecue glove
Salt and Pepper Shakers SetSalt and Pepper Shakers Set
Wood pellet
Grid size
60x38 cm
Total cooking surface
2280 cm²
No. of cooking heights
With lid
Grease recovery system
Side tables
No. of diners
40 Kg
Pyrolytic combustion
Manufacturing country
Product Features
Party nero
Body material:
Zinc-Plated Steel
Wood pellet
Wood pellet:
Pyrolytic combustion:
Total cooking surface:
2280 cm²
Grid size:
60x38 cm
No. of diners:
Cooking surface material:
Enamelled cast iron
Cooking surface type:
Grid / griddle
Manufacturing country:
Grease recovery system:
No. of cooking grids:
No. of cooking heights:
60 x 38 cm
With lid:
Side tables:
Folding side tables:
Ignition type:
Free gifts/extra features
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
71x43x100 cm
Net weight:
40 Kg
Original packaging
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
70x60x117 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
38 Kg
Assembly time:
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€ 640,00
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Linea VZ Party Pellet Barbecue - Black

The Linea VZ Party barbecue is a great product for your barbecues.

Operating on pellets, it guarantees functionality, durability and simplicity. It is ideal for gardens, verandas and terraces.

Made of galvanized steel, it weighs only 40 kg, and the comfortable wheels at the bottom of the product allow you to move it to the terrace in the garden or elsewhere.

The top covers that cover the cooking grill can be opened and transformed into countertops, optimizing the space to support the tools or everything that can be used during cooking.

Equipped with a double-sided cast-iron griddle measuring 60x38 cm for food use, you will be able to distribute the heat evenly, ensuring optimal cooking.

grease collection container facilitates post-cooking disposal.

Thanks to the use of pellets, this grill eliminates the need for gas or electricity, ensuring complete flexibility in its placement. Simply fill the burner with pellets and the grill is ready to use.

It offers a 2-hour battery life, for long grills without interruptions.

A plus of the VZ Party Line grill is its reduced smoke emission. Thanks to pyrolysis, a form of gasification, it almost totally reduces harmful fumes, ensuring cooking without intrusive fumes.

Pellet combustion then generates very little ash, which can be easily disposed as wet waste, making cleaning up after use a quick and uncomplicated procedure.

All this, with the guarantee of maximum security.

Even if the device does not require specific care, it is recommended to regularly clean its components and protect it from adverse weather conditions.

Pyrolytic combustion

The Linea VZ Party barbecue employs the innovative pyrolytic combustion process.

This is a process that allows the product to generate significantly less smoke than traditional barbecues.

Everything is based on pyrolysis, a thermochemical phenomenon that occurs during the combustion of pellets inside the device. During this process, the pellets are heated to high temperatures in the absence of oxygen, causing the organic material to thermally decompose.

During this process, the pellets are converted into a combustible gas consisting mainly of carbon monoxide, hydrogen and methane, together with small amounts of volatile compounds. This gas is then burnt in order to generate additional heat, creating the ideal conditions for cooking food on the barbecue.

Basically, apart from the pellets placed inside the burner, the gases produced by the pellets themselves are also used to generate heat.

This provides several advantages over other cooking systems.

Firstly, it allows precise temperature control and even heats distribution within the cooking chamber, and also significantly reduces smoke production during cooking.

Since combustion takes place in a low-oxygen environment, particulate and harmful compound emissions are reduced to a minimum; for example, around 90% of smokes are disposed of in these barbecues, while in conventional pellet barbecues only 35-40% are disposed of.

The barbecue also offers an ecological advantage, as the level of pollution is drastically lower due to the very low emissions.

The only waste product produced will be ash, which can be conveniently disposed in the waste bin or used as fertiliser.

To fully exploit pyrolysis benefits in pellet barbecues, it is important to use high-quality pellets. The pellets must be made from wood suitable for food cooking and free of chemical additives, which will help to ensure excellent combustion quality.

Cooking area and other features

The barbecue is equipped with an enamelled cast-iron plate measuring 60x38 cm for food use that is double-sided, i.e. one side has a smooth surface, the other a corrugated surface.

With a griddle of this size, it is possible to cook for about 8–10 people simultaneously.

The hob covers open and can be positioned laterally, acting as additional support surfaces, expanding the work area.

The two wheels at the bottom of the barbecue also facilitate its easy transportation, allowing it to be used freely in the outdoor season and moved to a more sheltered location during the winter.

The pyrolysis process also emits very few harmful smokes, and even the little waste ash produced can be easily disposed of in the waste bin.


  • Weight 40 Kg
  • Openable lids that can be used as tabletop
  • Transport wheels
  • Grid size 60x38 cm
  • Autonomy of approximately 2 hours. The barbecue can be used even when not fully charged.
  • Burner capacity of 2.00 kg
  • Pellet consumption 0.8-0.10 kg/h
  • Very low smoke emission
  • Focus on the splatter guard
  • Waste ash disposable in the waste bin.
Free items & Standard equipment

COMPLIMENTARY: BBQ apron and accessories set

Outstanding barbecue kit including:

  • A very practical BBQ apron that can contain all of the following accessories:

  • Barbecue glove, durable and comfortable
  • Kitchen set for BBQ.
    The set includes a plier, a spatula and a fork. This kit can be used both for barbecue and daily in the kitchen. Very practical to use thanks to the wooden handle
  • Salt and pepper shakers

COMPLIMENTARY: Brush / scraper for BBQ cleaning

Amazing brush / scraper to clean the grill

  • Grill cleaning brush for a TRIPLE USE.
    The brush is equipped with:
    • high-strength bristles that do not scratch the surface to clean
    • scraper for a more thorough cleaning
    • metal spatula for a highly effective cleaning between the grids

Standard equipment

The barbecue is shipped in its original packaging along with the instructions manual.

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