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Karcher Pro BR 30/4 C Retail compact scrubber-dryer - Area performance up to 200 m²/H - 820 W

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ID: K607136

EAN: 4054278348575

MPN: 1.783-000.0

Karcher Pro BR 30/4 C Retail compact scrubber-dryer - Area performance up to 200 m²/H - 820 W
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Gral detergent bottleGral detergent bottle
For Free: Oil & Smog Clean detergent bottleFor Free: Oil & Smog Clean detergent bottle
Mold & Moss Clean detergent bottleMold & Moss Clean detergent bottle
Tarpaulin cover and storageTarpaulin cover and storage
Hand push
Brush type
Roller brush
Brush width
30 cm
Detergent tank capacity
4 L
Recovery tank capacity
4 L
Motor type
Nominal power (W)
820 W
Product Features
BR 30/4 C Retail
Floor scrubber
Operating mode:
Electric 230 V
230 V Electric:
Hand push
Drying function:
Brush width:
30 cm
Brush type:
Roller brush
Hourly performance:
200 m²/h
Squeegee width:
30 cm
Brush rpm:
1450 rpm
Vacuum depression:
1428 mmH20
Number of tanks:
Detergent tank capacity:
4 L
Recovery tank capacity:
4 L
Home installation:
Manufacturing country:
Motor data
Motor no.:
Motor type:
Nominal power (W):
820 W
Noise level:
71 dB(A)
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Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
39 x 33 x 1180 cm
Net weight:
14 Kg
Original packaging
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
39 x 33 x 1180 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
15.6 Kg
Assembly time:
5 minutes
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The Karcher BR 30/4 C Retail scrubber dryer is a compact and lightweight machine, very suitable for public and private places. It is equipped to cover areas from 20 to 200 s.q. m.

Small and manoeuvrable, but designed with professional criteria. Very effective, ensuring a cleaning power on par with larger, professional scrubber dryers. Therefore, due to its very compact size, it is also particularly suitable for domestic use. It can wash any type of floor or surface, indoors as well as outdoors.

The tank for clean and dirty water is easily removable, making it extremely easy to fill and empty.

It perfectly washes and dries joints up to a depth of 3 mm (beyond this depth it washes perfectly but may leave the bottom of the joint wet).

It reaches a cleaning area of up to 200m², and it is equipped with a high-speed brush roller that facilitates the forward movement of the machine.

The Karcher BR 30/4 C Retail floor washer provides more practical performance than its predecessor, and the product is smaller, which allows for greater manoeuvrability and easier and faster storage.

For deeper cleaning, simply bypass the drying bar by operating the foot switch.

WARNING: this machine is a scrubber dryer, not a sweeper. Operate it only for its intended use. It is not suitable for vacuuming residues, debris, rubbish when necessary. The floor must first be swept and cleaned of large residues that would be deposited on the brush.

Controls and tank

3 buttons, one for each specific function:

  1. Water supply control (rear, grey button)
  2. brush drive control (yellow button on bottom)
  3. Suction control for quick drying (right yellow button)

Equipped with 2 tanks:

  1. The top tank is for clean water or water with cleaner.
  2. The bottom tank is for dirty water

Turn and remove the cap-lever to fill the upper tank with clean water.

Turn the cap-lever to remove the 2 tanks and empty the lower dirty water tank.

Main features

4L clean/dirt water tank.

Working width: 30Cm. Brush diameter: 6 cm

The machine is powered by 2 INDEPENDENT MOTORS for different functions:

  1. A powerful suction motor, for immediate drying (820W)
  2. A brush driving motor (200W)

Equipped with a convenient rear cable holder

Very high cleaning results can already be achieved with just water. In case of more stubborn dirt, you can add a small amount of detergent.

The machine body can be tilted up to reach a position parallel to the ground. This allows you to reach the most hidden and hard-to-reach spaces.

Focus on the release pedal (which can also be simply operated with one foot) to tilt the machine body.

The washer-dryer is able to vacuum in both forward and reverse directions to be more effective in cleaning.

Included in the package, you will also find the FloorPro Multi Cleaner RM 756 cleanser.

  • Detergent for daily cleaning of all water-resistant, hard and resilient surfaces.
  • Very cost-effective, as the recommended dosage is between 0.25% and 1%.
  • Extremely effective due to high wetting capacity
  • Quick-drying
  • Leaves no streaks
  • Low-foaming formula
  • Gentle on surfaces and environmentally friendly
  • Biodegradable surfactants in accordance with OECD
Free items & Standard equipment

Protection and Storage Cover for Pressure Washers - Size: - Medium

Essential for protecting your machine when stored.

This cloth is quick and easy to apply; in a few seconds, your machine will be protected against dust and humidity.

It is equipped with an elastic band on the lower border to perfectly fit to the shape of the machine.

Easy to fold and store in its box and space-saving!

FOR FREE: AgriEuro Detergents Kit for Outdoor Cleaning - 3 Bottles 1 L

This AgriEuro Outdoor Detergents set includes three different 1 L bottles with different features that are essential for the cleaning of outdoor areas.

The set includes:

  • Gral: Gentle, highly effective antistatic cleaner for removing streaks and greasy dirt deposits from various types of surfaces: glass, ceramics, metal, lacquered wood, leather, plastic, etc.
  • Oil & Smog Clean: This alkaline detergent was designed for degreasing equipment, machinery, concrete and tiles effectively.
  • Recommended for removing smog from the front of houses, outdoor staircases and sidewalks.
  • Mold & Moss Clean: This chlorine acid detergent was designed to clean and sanitise at the same time. This product is essential when it comes to removing mold and moss from dark areas and environments where humidity is high. Particularly suitable for removing bad odours. Its high sanitising efficiency eliminates bacteria which cause unpleasant odour through fermentation.


Standard equipment

The floor scrubber dryer is shipped in its original packaging

Instructions manual included

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