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Hose reel with cart + 100 mt 20 bar hose + spray lance

Hose reel
Hose reel
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ID: K4759

EAN: 9993081521711

MPN: 4759

Kit for spraying with spray high pressure lance and cart hose reel

This kit for spray treatments is thought to be completed with a pump purchase (electric motor or spark ignition engine).

It contains all necessary for an immediate work. The main advantages of this cart kit with hose reel and pump are:

  • More transport ease
  • Minor weight as per the tank’s absence
  • Possibility to choose among a wide range of pump for all needs
  • The long hose allows a 100 mt distance operation from the pump without any need to move pump and tank

The hose reel with cart is set for the Comet pumps assembly. The high pressure spray lance is of professional kind and the 100 mt hose is high pressure. On kit, also a brass joint for the spray accessory and 4 clamps.


  • Hose reel with cart
    equipped with multi-holed base plate for the fixing of any pump among our range up to the 41 spark ignition model (listed on the related products of this item). The over-reinforced wheels makes its movement easy.
  • mt. 100 blue wire reinforced hose of 20 bar pressure (burst force: 60 bar pressure)
  • Thehigh pressure spray lance is made of brass and stainless steel and has as1,5 mm ceramic nozzle.
  • Brass joint for spray lance + 4 clamps

Assembly and application example

The cart hose reel  will arrive already assembled. The only operation to do is; the hose wrapping (it will take not much time).

If the pump is purchased with kit, it will remain to fasten 4 bolts.

On the gallery an example of mounted pump


The pump installed is for illustration purposes and not included on price.

If need a pump to purchase, please see the related products section. They can be added when completing the order.

Product Features
Hose reel:
Hose reel:
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Pressure hose:
100 m