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Outdoor Kitchens

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Outdoor Kitchens

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The outdoor kitchens are a perfect solution for those who love cooking outdoor when the weather is fine, but do not want to limit the number of possible preparations.
In fact, with these products, it is possible to cook any food, thanks to the custom-made spaces for storing everything you need. These kitchens are equipped with storage cupboards, hobs and special doors for storing items.
These large kitchens can also be smaller in size, in this case we are talking about masonry barbecues, larger than traditional models, designed for both gas and wood-fired cooking.
In fact, they are made of refractory concrete, often with marble inserts for a truly high aesthetic profile.

Cooking zones

The cooking zones are generally very large and functional, and are equipped with everything needed for various preparations.

  • There are very wide cooking grids which can be adjusted in height;
  • There are also storage cupboards;
  • Storage compartments;
  • Hand basins.

How to choose between barbecues and outdoor kitchens?

Choosing between buying a barbecue and an outdoor kitchen may not always be easy, so let's see what to consider in order to choose the most suitable category for your needs:

  • The available space: First of all, the available outdoor space must be assessed. In fact, outdoor kitchens are large in size and also require a major assembly process, and therefore need plenty of space to move freely and easily.;
  • The cost: Even the budget you want to spend considerably influences your choice: kitchens have all the classic features of indoor kitchens so they are more expensive than barbecues, even compared to high-end ones;
  • The cooking methods: Finally, very much depends on how many cooking methods you want to have at your disposal.
    Barbecues only provide you with one cooking method per model: only in rare cases is double cooking possible; with outdoor kitchens, on the other hand, you can vary from wood to gas cooking very easily

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