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GINKO TR 660 - Tracked Power Barrow with Dumper Barrow - Honda GX 200 Engine

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ID: K607108

EAN: 9993089414053

MPN: M9055930R

GINKO TR 660 - Tracked Power Barrow with Dumper Barrow  - Honda GX 200 Engine
2 bottles of 600 ml engine oil each2 bottles of 600 ml engine oil each
Replacement sprak plugReplacement sprak plug
Heavy-duty spark plug wrenchHeavy-duty spark plug wrench
Foam air filterFoam air filter
Foam air filterFoam air filter
Load capacity
600 Kg
Barrow body type
Body tipping
Max. slope
20 %
Motor brand
Motor Model
GX 200
Motor type
Cubic capacity
197 cm³
Gear shifting system
Mechanical gearbox
Assisted steering
Manufacturing country
Product Features
Type :
Load capacity:
600 Kg
Max. slope:
20 %
Barrow body type:
Dumper body:
Body tipping:
Box size:
107x67x50 cm
Effective inner height:
330 mm
Starting mode:
Manufacturing country:
Motor data
Motor brand:
Motor Model:
GX 200
Motor type:
Cubic capacity:
197 cm³
No. of cylinders:
Power supply:
Overhead valve OHV
Engine lubrication system:
Oil bath
Decompression system:
Tank capacity:
3.1 L
Manufacturing country:
Transmission data
Gear shifting system:
Mechanical gearbox
Transmission type:
Belt and gears
In oil bath
No. of forward speeds:
No. of reverse speeds:
Operating mode:
Gear lever
Manufacturing country:
Parking brakes:
Assisted steering:
Track width:
180 mm
Track length on the ground:
1120 mm
Total rollers no.:
Recoil start system (with rope):
Free gifts/extra features
Engine oil bottle for free:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
180x76x110 cm
Net weight:
300 Kg
On pallet
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
180x80x120 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
325 Kg
Unloading with hydraulic tail lift:
Assembly time:
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GINKO TR 660 Dumper Tracked Power Barrow

Trucked barrow with an effective load capacity of 600 kg, particularly suitable for transporting loose materials such as earth, sand, gravel and crushed stone or mortar and concrete over short distances.

Thanks to its self-propelled track drive and HONDA GX 200 engine, this wheelbarrow is capable of transporting loads of 550 kg on slopes. This is possible thanks to the machine's 74 cm track width, which is approximately 10 cm wider than the standard track width of other wheelbarrows, which lowers the centre of gravity for safe working conditions.

The double-treated (hot-dip galvanised plus powder-coated) hydraulically tipping dumper body with which it is equipped makes the product extremely reliable, easy and practical.

The sturdy steel frame and 4 forward and 2 reverse gears with reducer make this wheelbarrow versatile and efficient.

The GINKO TR 660 wheelbarrow is equipped with a comfortable driver's platform that allows the driver to board the machine.

Honda GX 200 Engine

Honda GX 200 engine is a highly-duty, powerful and state-of-the-art engine, which belongs to the latest overhead valve technology (OHV).


Engine type:
4-Stroke, single cylinder - OHV
Cylinder type:
Cubic capacity
196 cm³
Compression ratio:
8.5 : 1
Max. rpm:
3600 rpm
Torque value
12.4 Nm / 1.26 kgfm / 2500 rpm
Fuel tank capacity:
3.1 L
1.7 L/h at 3600 rpm


The Honda “GX” series is highly professional and was developed for heavy-duty woks in the building and agricultural field for generators, welders etc. It is characterised by great durability and reliability.


Please carefully read the instructions manual before starting the unit.


Many other machines on the market, on the other hand, are fitted with Honda “GC” series, which was developed for domestic and more limited operations and features a lower quality to the former and is cheaper.

The HONDA engines belonging to the GX series stand out as the "TOP-QUALITY ENGINES ON THE MARKET”.

Operator Transport Platform

The GINKO TR 660 wheelbarrow is equipped with a comfortable driver's platform that allows the driver to board the machine.

The quick platform lowering system also raises the handlebars accordingly, facilitating a more comfortable ride.

The unlocking the platform and the subsequent automatic adjustment of the handlebars is possible after the release lever has been released.

In reverse movement, it is not possible to work with the platform down, and consequently it is necessary to get out of the machine and raise the footplate before engaging reverse gear.

Gearbox, Parking Brake and Transmission

Gearbox: is entirely made in Italy and equipped with a gear reducer, allowing the gears to be doubled to 4 forward + 2 in reverse, ensuring the necessary traction in all situations.

4 forward gears
2 reverse gears (with reducer)

Parking brakes:
connected to the gearbox, for greater stability and safety.
These are automatically engaged when the controls are released (leaving the machine in neutral position, even on a steep slope, the machine doesn’t move).

Control levers on the handlebars allow the operator to put the corresponding tracks in neutral, if pulled to mid-travel, and to brake them if pulled to end-travel. This allows to better manage the steering acting on the single track deactivating the rotation.

The machine is supplied by the manufacturer with transmission oil level. However, oil levels must ALWAYS be checked before switching on as specified in the instruction and maintenance booklet.

Tracks and Cart

Track structure: sturdy and over sized. Both the height and the length is greater than the average of the wheelbarrows on the market of the same size. The perfect front / rear balance ensures the distribution of loads and a perfect adherence to the ground. The wheelbarrow's front chute allows perfect manoeuvrability over spaces with steps and obstacles of various kinds.

Rollers: the wheelbarrow is equipped with rollers mounted on double bearings with mud seals and mounted on replaceable steel pins. This allows maximum reliability of the wheelbarrow and easy and quick maintenance of it.

Tracks: Tracks with a width well in excess of the average width of wheelbarrows of the same size and category are used. The width and profile of the tread guarantee perfect grip and stability on all types of terrain. They are mounted on the wheelbarrow structure with a self-adjusting spring system, which allows the machine to always be in good working order and drastically reduces track wear. Made of special reinforced rubber with excellent grip, the track can tackle any type of surface or step.

Barrow with Hydraulic Lifting and Frame

Powerful hydraulic circuit featuring:

- oversize hydraulic pump Made in Italy

- distributor with practical pump actuation lever Made in Italy

- sturdy hydraulic cylinder equipped with lock valve.

The sturdy frame with F510 steel structure in high thickness which limits the vibrations and noise. The low barycentre also ensures optimum stability during work. The position of the engine and transmission facilitates maintenance.

Tipping Dumper Barrow

The body is made of high-resistance steel and reinforced with tubular cross members in the lower part, which make it suitable for any load or stress.

The loading platform is at the minimum distance from the ground to facilitate the operations of loading / unloading. It is particularly suitable for transporting loose materials such as earth, sand, gravel and crushed stone or mortar and concrete over short distances.

Focus on the hydraulic piston to lift the caisson.


User-friendly and ergonomic controls offering high control and precision during use.

Large red lever for motion engagement.

The two lower levers are for the steering.

The steering can be adjusted depending on the control lever and it allows moving smoothly. By partially pulling one or the other lever also the steering of the affected track, right or left, will be partial.

This allows the wheelbarrow to be steered extremely smoothly, without causing abrupt movements.

Safety brake that allows the Operator to immediately stop the machine.

Throttle lever and on/off switch.

Free items & Standard equipment

1° GIFT: Engine spare parts and maintenance kit


Spare parts set and accessories for the maintenance of the following engines.

  • Honda GX 120/GX 160/GX 200
  • Honda GP160/GP 200
  • Loncin 120/160/196 cc
  • Axo 120/160/196 cc
  • Briggs & Stratton 950 series

The set includes:

No. 1 GeoTech spark plug

No. 01 professional joint spark plug wrench specific for riding-on mowers, flail mowers and lawn mowers heavy-duty engines.

No. 01 Spare elliptical pleated paper air filter with sponge cover

No. 01 round foam air filter for engines with oil bath filter unit

WARNING: This kit can’t be used for other brands or models on the market. We don’t provide different kit from the ones offered on our website. We do not guarantee that this kit is valid on products not purchased on our website

2° GIFT: 600 ml Bottles of Engine Oil

COMPLIMENTARY: two 600 ml sae 15W 40 oil bottles. Specific lubricant for 4-stroke gardening machinery with up to 10 Hp of power. Good cleansing and dispersion.

Free Items Included

The wheelbarrow is shipped on a pallet.

Instruction manual and certifications.

Engine instructions

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