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Famag IM 50 - 400 heavy-duty spiral mixer, three-phase motor, 2 speeds, 50 kg dough capacity

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ID: K500470

EAN: 8051764070831

MPN: IM50/400/2V

Famag IM 50 - 400 heavy-duty spiral mixer, three-phase motor, 2 speeds, 50 kg dough capacity
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Free items: Chef's hatFree items: Chef's hat
Chef's apronChef's apron
Tarpaulin cover and storageTarpaulin cover and storage
Dough Capacity
50 Kg
Tank capacity
53 L
Speed levels
hydration max
70 %
Medium doughs
Hard doughs
Minimum dough
3 Kg
Operating mode
Three-phase 400 V
Nominal power
3 HP
Motor type
Electronic timer
Recommended for:
Recommended for:
Recommended for:
Focaccia bread
Recommended for:
Recommended for:
Recommended for:
Recommended for:
Recommended for:
Egg mixtures
Recommended for:
Fresh pasta
3 years
Manufacturing country
Product Features
IM 50 / 400 - 2 speed
Body material:
Enamelled steel
Typology :
Medium doughs:
Hard doughs:
Mixing head type:
Dough Capacity:
50 Kg
hydration max:
70 %
Speed levels:
Tank capacity:
53 L
Bowl diameter:
50 cm
Bowl height:
30 cm
Operating mode:
Three-phase 400 V
Flour quantity:
33 Kg
Water quantity:
17 L
Hourly output:
150 kg/h
Minimum dough:
3 Kg
Spiral - rpm (min):
90 rpm
Spiral - rpm (max):
170 rpm
Bowl - rpm (min):
11 rpm
Bowl - rpm (max):
22 rpm
3 years
Dough mixing time:
Manufacturing country:
Motor data
Motor type:
Nominal power:
3 HP
Nominal power (W):
2200 W
Power supply:
400 V electric
Manufacturing country:
Transmission data
Transmission type:
Oversized double chain
Cutting data
Recommended for::
Recommended for::
Recommended for::
Focaccia bread
Recommended for::
Recommended for::
Recommended for::
Recommended for::
Recommended for::
Egg mixtures
Recommended for::
Fresh pasta
CE-compliant safety switch:
Wheeled trolley for transport:
Electronic timer:
Rotating Bowl:
Stainless steel
Rotating spiral arm:
stainless steel (increased diameter: 25 mm)
Central breaker bar:
Stainless steel
Lifting safety grid:
Stainless steel
24 V electric system:
Free gifts/extra features
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
85x53x87 cm
Net weight:
120 Kg
Original packaging
Gross weight (packaging included) :
125 Kg
Assembly time:
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€ 2.583,19
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FAMAG IM 50 Heavy-duty Three-phase Electric Spiral Mixer - (50 KG) - 2 Speeds

FAMAG IM 50 2-speed three-phase electric spiral mixer is suitable for processing different types of dough, especially soft dough like bread, pizza, pastries and so on.

Equipped with timer and wheels with brake for transport.

2 operating speeds

FOCUS ON THE NUMBER OF RPMs: the first speed of this mixer is a little slower than the speed of single-speed mixers and performs about 20% fewer revs, the second speed is a little faster than the speed of the single-speed mixers and performs approximately 20% more revs

All the components directly touching the dough are made of INOX stainless steel.

Food-grade epoxy powder coating.

Max kneading capacity: 50 kg

It is a highly professional product ideal for large professional activities such as bakeries, pastry shops, etc...

The spiral mixer works thanks to the the 2 combined rotations of the bowl and the hook:

  1. the bowl rotates on itself with a regular motion;
  2. the spiral hook, which is immersed in the dough, rotates on its axis;

These combined movements make the dough stronger, so that the Famag spiral mixer is ideal for hard doughs such as pizza or bread.

Main Features

  • 2 speeds
  • Dough capacity: 50 KG
  • Flour: 33 kg
  • Water: 17 L
  • Hourly production: 150 kg/h
  • Minimum guaranteed dough: 1.0 KG
  • 25mm stainless steel hook diameter

Large size, great robustness and great product weight: 120 kg

Engine power: 3 hp

Equipped with standard TIMER.

All the components directly touching the dough are made of INOX stainless steel:

  • Bowl
  • Spiral
  • Central breaker bar
  • Safety grid

New improved model:

-Optimized spiral
- More robust breaker bar
- Larger tank 500 x 300
-Reinforced frame
-More advanced mechanics
- Less heating
-Increased quietness

Other Features

Four 360° castor wheels mounted as standard: the front ones are equipped with brake.

Internal transmission with oversized double chain (high-strength, very reliable and durable).

Suitable to work continuously 24 hours a day, every day.

The frame is made of thick steel to eliminate vibrations while working.

Enamelled with 100% food-grade epoxy powder.

REMOVABLE grid made of stainless steel

The particular spiral shape allows saving time without overheating the dough

  • “CE” safety micro-switch
  • TIMER knob
  • Power switch
  • 24 V internal electric system (low voltage)

Focus on the main power switch

  • "CE”-compliant safety system
  • Power supply: 400 V (50/60Hz.)
  • CE Certification
  • Weight 120 Kg
  • Size: 85 x 53 x 87 cm

Focus on the professional three-phase plug fitted as standard

Free items & Standard equipment

Complimentary chef's hat and apron

Chef's hat:

  • 24 cm high double fabric band
  • upper part sewn with pleats
  • Total height 43 cm
  • 100% non-shrink cotton, weight 190 g/m2
  • One size

Chef's apron:

  • same fabric for neck and hip strings
  • 1 cm perimeter edge
  • 100% non-shrink cotton, weight 260 g/m2 - drill 3/1
  • size: 70x85 cm
  • colour: white

COMPLIMENTARY: Professional protection and storage cover XL

Ideal to protect your product when not in use.

This protection cover is fast and easy to apply; in just a few seconds your machine is protected from dust and humidity.

Easy to fold and store in its box, it takes up minimal space.

Free Items Included

The spiral mixer is shipped in its original packaging, together with instruction manual and Famag original apron

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