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Euro VAC Manual Vacuum Sealer - Entirely Made in Stainless Steel

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ID: 102256

EAN: 9999237533003

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Euro VAC Manual Vacuum Sealer - Entirely Made in Stainless Steel
+200 sold
Body material
Stainless steel
Max. bags width
30 cm
Manual cycle
Nominal power
0.6 kW
Pump flow rate
18 L/min.
Vacuum gauge
Adjustable sealing time
Manufacturing country
Product Features
Euro VAC
Body material:
Stainless steel
Body material:
Acciaio inox
Vacuum type:
External suction
Vacuum cycle:
Sealing bar width:
33 cm
Usable bags width:
30-25-20-15 cm
Max. bags width:
30 cm
Manual mode:
Vacuum with containers:
Adjustable sealing time:
Nominal power:
0.6 kW
Dry/wet foods mode:
Soft/hard foods mode:
Manufacturing country:
Motor data
Power supply:
220 V electric
Pump data
Max. vacuum level:
700 mbar
Pump flow rate:
18 L/min.
Double sealing bar:
Automatic lid:
External liquids filter:
Vacuum gauge:
LCD display:
Free gifts/extra features
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
36x24x12 cm
Net weight:
6 Kg
Original packaging
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
45x34x19 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
7 Kg
Assembly time:
Prompt Delivery
28 items in stock
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Estimated delivery: 21/06/2024 - 25/06/2024
€ 239,33
VAT Included

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Euro VAC - INOX Vacuum Sealer

Euro VAC - INOX - stainless steel vacuum sealer with manual cycle

This vacuum machine is a high quality semi-professional product, with similar features to heavy-duty models; intended for a domestic use, it is a powerful, sturdy and reliable machine suitable for a fairly frequent and intensive use. Operation with manual cycle. One of the best stainless steel vacuum sealer with manual cycle on the market, it stands out among other models equipped with a 33 cm sealing bar intended for a medium intensity use.

The internal components are 100% manufactured in Italy.

Sealing bar: 33 cm

High performance self-lubricating vacuum pump: 18 L/min

Weight: 6 kg

Mains voltage: 220/240 Volt - 50 Hz

WARNING: This vacuum machine (like all vacuum machines with external suction), is not suitable for processing products with a significant presence of liquids or flour. In this case it is strongly recommended to move towards a chamber vacuum machine.

It works exclusively with embossed bags.

Controls and operation

GREAT EASE OF USE: user-friendly vacuum sealer suitable for everyone, from experienced users to beginners. Intuitive and easy to use with simple and oversized controls.


  • On/Off power switch
  • ON/OFF vacuum pump switch
  • VACUUM GAUGE (vacuum level reader)
  • Sealing button
  • Sealing indicator light
  • Sealing time adjustable knob

The Euro VAC stainless steel vacuum packaging machine features a sealing time adjustment knob. This makes it possible to adjust the sealing values according to the type of bags used.

  • from 1 to 3: standard vacuum bags
  • from 3 to 5: gusset vacuum bags
  • from 8 to 10: bags with over 140 microns thickness with preset gusset or with coupled aluminium foil

Machine body entirely made of stainless steel

This vacuum machine mounts a body entirely made of stainless steel whose advantages over machines made of plastic, or fake stainless steels are:

  • excellent sturdiness
  • high overall machine hygiene
  • exceptional durability
  • hard-wearing mechanics

Note the distinction between this vacuum sealer and the many machines on the market that appear to be made of stainless steel, but are actually made of normal plastic, with the addition of some stainless steel plates to the outside.

The entire external structure of the Euro VAC, instead, is made of 100% stainless steel.

Machine operation

Machine operation:

  • adjust the sealing time using the knob
  • insert the bag into the mouth of the vacuum sealer
  • lower the lid
  • press the ON switch (the vacuum process starts) and apply slight pressure to the sides of the machine lid
  • release the lid when the vacuum gauge needle starts to rise
  • once the desired vacuum value has been reached, press the "start sealing" button; the light to the right will switch on to show that the sealing is in progress
  • the sealing process will stop automatically at the end of the preset sealing time and the light will turn off at the same time.
Free items & Standard equipment

Standard equipment

The vacuum sealer is shipped in its original packaging. Instructions manual included.

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