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Submersible pumps for clear water - electric pumps for clear water - light and potable

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Submersible Pumps For Clear Water

Submersible Pumps For Clear Water

Submersible pumps for clear water are pumps used to draw up clean water, whether drinking or not, i.e. from home, swimming pool or for irrigation.
In fact, for clear water we means water free of residues and dirt.

The best electric pumps for clear water drainage

Submersible pumps for clear water are perfect for a practical and quick drainage of large amounts of clear water, that is without dirt residues.
These machines are ideal to empty pools, artificial reservoirs, flooded basements and garages and much more. They allow you to draw water from wells and irrigate gardens and vegetable gardens.

What are the advantages of a submersible pump?

The main advantage of a submersible pump, compared to other types of pumps, is their ability to draw water from an extremely shallow point, even deeper than 7 m.
Other advantages of a submersible pump:

  • No priming problems, as the water pressure around the pump prevents air suction.
  • Less noise pollution.
  • No overheating due to electric motor;
  • Small footprint, as it is totally invisible in wells.

How to perform effective maintenance:

Here follows some tips for a proper maintenance of your submersible pump:

  • The insertion of a non-return valve to prevent unforeseen loss of priming of the pump.
  • Check that the mains to which it is connected is provided with thermal protection to prevent accidental failure.
  • At least once a year, take the pump out of the water to clean it.
  • Strictly follow the maintenance operations recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Ensure that the power supply is disconnected before carrying out any operation on the pump.

Submersible pumps for clear water or for dirty water: what is the difference?

Two different submersible pumps are required for these two kinds of water, as they feature different handling difficulties.
Submersible pumps for clear water operate on water without many residues or dirt, such as mains water or rainwater.
The main aspect that makes it necessary to use two different types of pumps is the diameter of the debris to be drawn, usually the line separating clear water from dark water is 5 mm in diameter, but this is not a fixed and universally used measurement.

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