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Electric Garden Shredders for Domestic Use

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Electric Garden Shredders for Domestic Use

In this category you can find a selection of electric garden shredders for domestic use, suitable to shred pruning residues. In fact, they can finely shred both branches (max. 30/40 mm diameter, green and not dry, in small quantities) and organic waste.

You can choose between two types: classic disc garden shredders or roller garden shredders.

The first model consists of a rotating internal disc, where two hammers finely shred the material when it is channeled into the machine; also suitable to shred both branches and green material. In this case, it is recommended to avoid shredding only grass and leaves, since they can both get stuck in the access duct to the shredding mechanism, as the latter is unable to pull the material into the inner chamber.

Instead, the roller electric garden shredder consists of a sturdy rotating steel gear on the inside, where each tooth acts as a blade. This machine is equipped with an internal branch pusher which channels the material towards the blades. Compared to classic electric garden shredders with blade disc, roller machines are less noisy and more specific for branch shredding. Shredding is faster and the machine needs less maintenance since it stays sharp longer.
However, the roller is less suitable for shredding green material - since it is not suitable for leaves and grass - and shredding is coarser.

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