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Electric Battery-powered Wheelbarrow Greenworks G40GC Garden Cart 40V - WITHOUT BATTERY AND CHARGER

Load capacity
100 kg
Skip type
Skip loading capacity
106 L
Tipping system
Maximum inclination
12 %
Rated output (W)
300 w
Battery type
40 V
Amperes available
4 Ah
Standard-supplied equipment
Without battery and charger
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Greenworks G40GC Battery-powered Wheelbarrow - Battery and charger not included

The Greenworks 40V self-propelled garden wheelbarrow with three wheels is convenient for transportation during heavy work in and around your garden. In addition, the battery-powered electric motor allows the use of the machine for transporting objects also in closed places such as greenhouses, in fact, the machine does not produce any kind of harmful smoke, however, still ensuring the maximum efficiency and low noise.

With a maximum load of 100 kg and an easy exhaust system thanks to the spring-assisted lifting handle, G40GC makes gardening easier and more enjoyable by reducing the effort for transport journeys.

Variable speed and reverse function:
It is suitable for various types of terrain and adjustable at their own pace.

Provided with key safety start.

The battery electric motor guarantees maximum silence and efficiency, also avoiding the fumes of the classic petrol engine.

Equipped with a 300 W and 40 V brushless motor.

These supplied batteries guarantee a running time of about 60 minutes of transport.

Gears 2 +1: it will be possible to use 2 different speeds both for the advancement and for the reverse

A useful and convenient support for all operations, orchard and garden. With a sturdy frame with a capacity of 100 kg. The body is equipped with manual assisted tilting by using a gas cushion.

Greenworks Battery-powered Motor

300 Watt brushless motor;

The 40V Greenworkslithium-ion battery can be recharged at any time (just like the batteries of modern smartphones, no memory effect) so it is always ready to use. It lasts an average of 3 times more than a normal battery. The battery is equipped with a comfortable charge indicator.

Main advantages of the electric motor:

  • More reliable than a petrol model, thanks to its electric motor. It does not have a spark plug, filters, oil dipstick, carburettors, or any component that may cause problems.
  • Much lighter
  • Zero maintenance
  • Lower consumption and drastically reduced operating costs compared to petrol engine models (great results with minimal power required). Moreover, the Operator won’t have to refuel (the fuel should always be fresh).
  • Zero vibrations, thanks to the electric motor. Almost all petrol powered machines, which are not equipped with an anti-vibration system on steel springs, have a very high degree of vibration, making the work really unpleasant.
  • Zero smoke emission, zero impact on the environment and, above all, on the operator’s health.
  • Much quieter and therefore pleasant to use than a petrol engine one.

Tipping barrow

Greenworks battery-powered wheelbarrow is equipped with gas-assisted tipping body

Barrow dimensions (cm): 90x62x28

Lower part of the barrow dimension (cm): 70x50

The maximum loading capacity 100 kg;

Tilting tank

The barrow can be easily overturned. Just move the trolley release lever.
This allows to overturn the load where you want it with a simple gesture.

Focus on the assisted manual tilting system


Main Controls

Simple and user-friendly controls:

On/off switch/key

Gears 2 +1: it will be possible to use 2 different speeds both for forward gear and 1 for the reverse gear

forward and backward button for the forward and reverse gear

Button to set the 2 speeds

Forward speed: 4.2 Km/h -Km/h / 2.4 Km/h

Cart release lever

Parking wheel brake operated with foot

Self-propelling and Wheels

This wheelbarrow is self-propelled to facilitate the operator's work

The rear wheels are generously sized (12 x 5,0 -6”) and are pneumatic tractor type to ensure excellent traction.

The rear wheel is pivoting so as to ensure high manoeuvrability even in confined spaces. Moreover, this is equipped with block to ensure maximum safety.

Product Features
Type :
Standard-supplied equipment:
Without battery and charger
Load capacity:
100 kg
Skip loading capacity:
106 L
Skip type:
Barrow-shaped truck:
Tipping system:
Skip dimensions:
90x62x28 cm
Internal height:
28 mm
Maximum inclination:
12 %
Manufacturing Country:
Motor data
Motor/Engine brand:
Motor type:
Battery powered
Rated output (W):
300 w
Amperes available:
4 Ah
Battery type:
40 V
Running time:
60 min
Recharge time:
90 min
Manufacturing Country:
Transmission data
Number of forward speeds:
Number of reverse speeds:
Rear wheels size:
12x5.0- 6
Free gifts/extra features
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions cm (LxWxH):
130x63x110 cm
Net weight:
33 Kg
Original packaging
Packaging dimensions cm (LxWxH):
105x67x62 cm
Gross weight (packaging incuded) :
43 Kg
Assembly time:
5 minutes

Extra features

The wheelbarrow is shipped in its original packaging.

Instructions manual included in the packaging.