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Electric Leaf Blowers-Vacuums with Double Configuration

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Electric Leaf Blowers-Vacuums with Double Configuration

The leaf vacuum-blower with double configuration allows large quantities of fallen dry leaves to be collected and then vacuumed up. In addition, thanks to the shredding function, large quantities of foliage can be vacuumed up and shredded, to be then deposited in the large collection bags.

Generally, to make the best use of this tool is to start the blowing function to gather up all the leaves scattered on the ground in piles or strips. Once this operation has been completed, the machine is easily converted into a leaf vacuum, so that all the material can be collected in a fast and easy way.
Unlike quick-conversion leaf blowers/vacuums, in order to switch from one function to another, the blowing tube on these models must be disconnected and then replaced with the collection bag with a quick release. The vacuum tube, instead, will be mounted under the machine where there is a blade that shreds the vacuumed leaves. To ensure greater efficiency, the dual-configuration leaf blowers/vacuums are equipped with two types of tubes. The narrow one is designed for blowing while the one with a larger diameter is intended for vacuuming.

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