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Dal Degan VOLKAN EXTRA 600L - Tractor-Mounted Mist Blower for Spraying - APS 71 Pump

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ID: 111429

EAN: 8014060499997

MPN: 866068186

Dal Degan VOLKAN EXTRA 600L - Tractor-Mounted Mist Blower for Spraying - APS 71 Pump
Tank capacity
600 l
Fan diameter Ø
700 mm
Front intake
No. of Speeds
1 + N
Speed levels
1 + neutral
No. Sprays
10 Nozzles
Pump brand
Pump Model
APS 71
Flow rate
67.2 L/min
Max. operating pressure
50 bar
Pressure adjuster
Three ways - Standard
Circuit washing tank
Hand washing tank
Manufacturing country
Product Features
Speed levels:
1 + neutral
Operating mode:
Frame type:
Enamelled steel
Fan diameter Ø:
700 mm
Flow rate:
67.2 L/min
Max. operating pressure:
50 bar
Front intake:
Max. spraying height:
5 m
Max range:
12 m
Tank capacity:
600 l
Tank capacity:
600 L
Fixed 3-point hitch:
No. of Speeds:
1 + N
Manufacturing country:
Pump data
Pump brand:
Pump Model:
APS 71
Pump type:
Flow rate:
Operating pressure:
Manufacturing country:
Transmission data
In oil bath
No. of forward speeds:
Operating mode:
fan-side lever
No. of blades (for each propeller):
No. Sprays:
10 Nozzles
Jets type:
Double with anti-drip
Pressure adjuster:
Three ways - Standard
Internal hydraulic shaker:
Circuit washing tank:
Hand washing tank:
Removable cartridge filter:
Free gifts/extra features
Self-filling joint:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Net weight:
225 Kg
On pallet
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
118x79x142 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
245 Kg
Unloading with hydraulic tail lift:
Assembly time:
15 minutes
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Dal Degan VOLKAN EXTRA 600L Tractor-Mounted Mist Blower

The Dal Degan VOLKAN 400L mist blower is ideal for orchards and small to medium-sized vineyards. The polyethylene tank consists of two parts, the main one with a filter and lid and a small tub for handwashing with a tap.

Its main feature is its cloud spraying.

Model with axial fan and front suction. 700 mm large fan diameter.

This model is suitable for every treatment which can also be performed by its similar model, SOFIA.

It is recommended for pergola vineyards, hazelnut groves or olive tree groves.

External fan conveyor, rear plate and frame made of enamelled steel. The adjustable nylon fans guarantee excellent weather resistance.

The size of the fan is the most important element of an atomizer, as it determines:

  • the power of the air jet (the greater the diameter of the fan, the greater the amount of air it produces, the greater the ability of the machine to carry out the treatment at greater heights or distances)
  • the fineness of the atomization (the greater the power and quantity of the air, the greater the disaggregation phenomenon of the mini-particles of liquid)
  • Operation at reduced tractor engine speeds (to achieve the same performance as a fan with a smaller diameter)

The tank is made of polyethylene and has a total emptying capacity of 300 L, unit washing tank included.


  • Horticultural crops
  • Cereal crops
  • Citrus grove
  • Espalier orchard
  • Espalier vineyard
  • Kiwis
  • Vineyard and kiwi
  • Olive grove
  • Tall trees
  • Poplar grove
  • Chestnut grove

CAUTION: It is strongly recommended that you carefully check the lifting capacity of your tractor, taking into account the total weight of the machine when fully loaded.

Cloud spraying

Cloud spraying is a type of nebulisation that focuses on a single beam, which is released thanks to the large air lift generated by the atomiser's ejector nut, and concentrates the entire water unit towards the nozzle at the diffuser end.

The faster and larger the atomiser fans are, the better the nebulisation result will be and the less the product will be dispersed in the air.

The air flow is so concentrated that together with the large flow, it is able to nebulize the water into fog, to make it uniformly cover the plant without loss of product.

700 mm Fan

Large 700 mm diameter fan.

External fan conveyor, rear plate and frame made of enamelled steel.

The adjustable nylon fans guarantee excellent weather resistance.

Eight-blade propeller with adjustable geometry in seven positions from 20 to 45°.

Thanks to the front suction, dry leaves and debris are not drawn by the fan and don’t compromise the air flow.

Another positive aspect of the front suction is that the outgoing air flow is more balanced and better distributed on both sides.

Focus on the rotation system of the propeller blades.

Iron conveyor.


The gearbox is manufactured in Italy by CMV of Lonigo.

Made in Italy guarantees excellent construction quality and materials for this component, as well as easy availability of spare parts if needed.

The fan is controlled by a very sturdy single speed + neutral gear multiplier.
Cast iron box, belt transmission.

Focus on the lever (12)

Focus on the PTO

10 double nozzles with brass anti-drip unit (5 on the right, 5 on the left)

Stainless steel nozzle holders divided into two parts, a left one with 5 jet nozzles and a right one with the other 5 jet nozzles.

Each brass jet nozzle with anti-drop features 3 positions, which can be changed by simply rotating the nozzle on its axis manually (three clicks coincide with the positions):

  • Nozzle with larger hole (higher liquid delivery)
  • Central position = closed jet
  • Nozzle with smaller hole (less liquid delivery)

COMET Control Unit

Three-way pressure adjustment unit.

Wing nut for adjusting the pressure

Pressure gauge.

The two side taps supply respectively the right-hand sector of the fan and the left-hand sector.

Control lever for opening/closing the unit.

This means that the two sectors can also be switched on separately, i.e. only the nozzles on the right-hand side or only on the left-hand side (e.g. when you are on the edge of your plot).

Heavy-duty enamelled steel frame

Heavy enamelled steel frame, complete with 3-point linkage for tractor mounting.

The three-position attachment points to the lift are complete with pins.

General features

Polyethylene tank with total emptying capacity L. 600, washing tank included.

The washing tank is placed inside the tank and with access above the handwashing tank.

Additional tank for washing the operator's hands.

Focus on the bottom cap for total emptying.

Focus on the external level with graduated scale.

Hydraulic agitator, for constantly mixing the solution inside the tank, equipped with a high-pressure nozzle that shoots at the centre of the tank.

External 3-way suction filter equipped with self-filling system (the tube for self-filling the tank must be purchased apart, and we offer it among the related accessories).

The filter is equipped with a valve for cleaning the cartridge even at full tank.

Focus on the inlet water filter.

Free items & Standard equipment

Free Items Included

The sprayer is shipped on pallet, carefully packed, with instruction manual and tightening screws included

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