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Cruccolini Fuocone Inox 50x50 Wood-fired Barbecue in Heavy-duty Sheet Metal with Stainless Steel Grid

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EAN: 8025062020836


Cruccolini Fuocone Inox 50x50 Wood-fired Barbecue in Heavy-duty Sheet Metal with Stainless Steel Grid
+800 sold
Body material
Grid size
50x50 cm
Total cooking surface
2500 cm²
Stainless steel grid
Grease recovery system
No. of diners
50 Kg
Manufacturing country
Product Features
Fuocone a legna INOX
Body material:
Charcoal or wood
Total cooking surface:
2500 cm²
Grid size:
50x50 cm
No. of diners:
Cooking surface material:
Stainless steel
Cooking surface type:
Manufacturing country:
Grease recovery system:
Lower shelf:
Ignition type:
Height-adjustable grid:
Free gifts/extra features
BBQ fork:
Ember spreader:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
50x80x110 cm
Net weight:
50 Kg
Original packaging
Assembly time:
5 minutes
Prompt Delivery
28 items in stock
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Estimated delivery: 03/05/2024 - 07/05/2024
€ 408,80
VAT Included

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Fuocone Inox Heavy-duty Charcoal Barbecue

Heavy-duty handcrafted medium size wood-fired barbecue

Cooking surface: 50x50 cm
BBQ total cooking area: 50x80 cm

These BBQ models come with a "heavy-duty structure” entirely built with 2.0 mm thick steel sheets. This makes them extremely resistant to the wear and tear action of fire over the years.
The wood combustion chamber is 12 mm thick.

The BBQ structure (unlike the main handicraft productions) is covered in a special high-temperature paint, which guarantees higher resistance than normal (except for the areas directly affected by the fire)

Fuel type:
- wood
- charcoal

In fact, as an alternative to wood, it can also be fuelled simply with coal, thus being ready for cooking in just 4 minutes.

The first models, built in 1987, are still in use today...

Wood combustion chamber

Sturdy 12 mm thick wood combustion chamber

The front protection plate made of sturdy perforated sheet metal allows:
- the passage of heat for cooking with the skewers placed horizontally
- the passage of heat for cooking with the spit roaster accessory, to be purchased separately
- perfect oxygenation of the flame, facilitating combustion
- it does not allow combustion residues, such as ash, charcoal, etc., to pass through and lay on the food being cooked.

This model also mounts three additional side protective panels that offer the following advantages:
- retain heat at a lower temperature than the adjacent inner sheet which is directly in contact with fire
- greater durability of the paint used on these panels as they are external and far from the flame

Cooking surface

Cooking surface: 50 x 50 cm

Sturdy cooking grate in stainless steel

Adjustable cooking grid on 2 positions

Pair of stainless steel skewers for spit cooking close to the flame

Grease recovery system (thanks to the particular sloping shape of the cooking surface, fats and oils drain directly into the dedicated ladle without falling on the hot coals)


  • Lower storage shelf
  • Wooden handles
  • Transport wheels
  • The support legs can be easily disassembled by simply unscrewing the bolts
  • Grease recovery system
  • Weight: 50 Kg
  • Dimensions: - Width in cm: 50 - Depth in cm: 80 - Height in cm: 110

Optional accessories

Electric spit roaster: fits perfectly on the barbecue structure, useful for cooking roasts that require constant turning and rotating.

2 spits electric rotisserie: in sturdy wrought iron structure for longer life. Entirely manufactured in Italy, it features 2 steel skewers with meat spit forks. This model mounts 2 electric motors with 220 V of power at 2.4 rpm, compliant and certified, which are capable of supporting about 3 Kg of meat per skewer.

ATTENTION: Only the BA7 SIDE TABLES can be fitted to the barbecue

Side tables: very practical to place trays, plates and all necessary cookware. Also suitable for the assembly of the special 2 spits rotisserie

Heavy-duty chimney charcoal starter: ensures easy and quick lighting of the briquettes or charcoal. It features a charcoal supporting grid on the inside and a practical heat-resistant handle on the outside. It works by filling the top with charcoal and placing it on a burning piece of paper or on a firelighter. Once the charcoal is all lit, simply empty the chimney charcoal starter into the brazier.

Griddle/soapstone: perfect for cooking steaks, fish fillets, octopus, squids or vegetables. Highly resistant to fire and high temperatures and can store twice as much heat as refractory bricks. Ideal for cooking meat on it directly and bringing it to the table while still cooking; the high heat retention will ensure that the dish not only does not get cold, but also keeps browning. Perfect for special meat cuts such as T-bone steaks.

Free items & Standard equipment

Free items included

2 skewers

1 grilling fork

1 ember spreader

1 stainless steel cooking grid

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